Oil Painting Techniques Tips & Instruction

Even the old masters worked diligently to enhance their oil painting techniques. Here, you’ll find easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorials on how to paint with with oil, covering a variety of topics including classical underpaintings, glazing, surface treatments and building up the paint for texture.

Oil Painting for Beginners: Landscape Elements

Oil Painting for Beginners While I know that there are as many forms of art as there are artists, whenever I hear the word ART, the first thing I think of is oil painting, probably because I associate it with the masters. Oil painting brings to mind art museums and palettes filled with paint....


Plein Air Palettes

Feeling mischievous? Ask a group of painters what colors are best for a plein air palette—then sit back and enjoy the show! But, as Michael Chesley Johnson explains, there are some basic considerations when selecting a palette for painting en plein air.


Painting Knife Techniques

If you’ve ever spread frosting on a cake, you have an idea of the textural possibilities when using a painting knife to create an oil painting. Deborah-Quinn Munson explains how you can achieve a variety of effects, from the sweeping strokes to refined details.

Landscape Art: Oil Painting Tips

Landscape Art: Oil Painting Tips for Beginners

I love new year’s resolutions, and as I start thinking about the ones that I’m going to tackle for 2015 (and what art supplies to put on my Christmas wish lists), I’m turning my focus toward trying out new mediums. I love my acrylics, but I’m a big believer in branching out, and after...