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What’s your favorite fine art medium in which to work? Find what you’re looking for here, or discover something new! Our articles include works on pastel, watercolor, oil, acrylic, colored pencil, collage, mixed media, how to draw people and more. Learn a new art technique or enhance what you already know with our hundreds of art instruction resources.


Watercolor Wonder: Watercolor vs. Gouache

A Guest Post by Cassia Cogger “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating.” —Kofi Annan How does watercolor differ from gouache? What are their individual characteristics, and how might each best be applied to a mixed-media art practice? These very questions got me thinking, I wonder what would happen if I painted the exact same...


San Diego Watercolors | Keiko Tanabe Gallery

Well-traveled watercolorist Keiko Tanabe finds inspiration in her own backyard. When she isn’t traveling the world, Tanabe is a passionate plein air painter on her home turf—San Diego, Calif.— where she has lived for almost 25 years. “I’ve lived here longer than I’ve lived anywhere else,” she says. “Even growing up in Japan, I lived...


Stig-Ove Sivertsen Watercolors Explore the Mutable Medium

Working in watercolors, Norwegian artist Stig-Ove Sivertsen recalls the Pablo Picasso print that hung in his childhood home—a reproduction portrait of Picasso’s muse, Sylvette David. The work shows her in full profile; while representational, it betrays a primitive abstract quality that recalls his earlier Cubist-inspired works. The work’s lasting impression on Sivertsen is telling. Picasso explored...


Window Reflections Using Watercolor| Robin Erickson Cityscape Gallery

Robin Erickson finds the extraordinary in the ordinary by painting window reflections using watercolor. While others dash past cityscape windows to their destinations, she watches and waits with her camera. Through those windows, she sees everyday sights: racks of clothing on display, a pizza maker plying his trade, an empty café table ready for guests. Once she...

Student Competition winner Devon Rodriguez

Student Competition Spotlight | Oil Artist Devon Rodriguez

In the 2015 Student Competition, we met Devon Rodriguez, an inspiring, young portrait and figure artist. His work has continued to improve and evolve ever since. Take a look below at some of the artist’s work. Don’t forget to enter this year’s competition today. ~ Student Competition Spotlight | Devon Rodriguez “I was born in...


Summer Inspiration | Watercolor Artist June 2017 Issue Preview

Get inspired just in time for summer! The June 2017 issue of Watercolor Artist features ways to express yourself—whether you’re a landscape, portrait, still life or animal painter. Highlights in this issue include: 14 surefire solutions to pesky painting problems Complex reflections made easy Tips for pouring a moody landscape Ideas for painting fresh...