Art Mediums & Drawing

What’s your favorite fine art medium in which to work? Find what you’re looking for here, or discover something new! Our articles include works on pastel, watercolor, oil, acrylic, colored pencil, collage, mixed media, how to draw people and more. Learn a new art technique or enhance what you already know with our hundreds of art instruction resources.


Rick Pas: Acrylic Nature Paintings

Rick Pas specializes in painting nature and wildlife, but his focus is on the abstract patterns and textures visible in nature, such as in the veins of a leaf or the tracery on a moth’s wing


Fractured Worlds | Frederick C. Graff Watercolor Landscapes

Watercolor artist Frederick C. Graff paints scenes in which the world is reconstructed as an array of broken planes, plunging the viewer into an exciting spatial depth where the eye moves from one surface to the next. Just when the experience threatens to become overwhelming, the Ohio-based artist serves up an area of relative...


A Head for the Hills | Robin Purcell Watercolor Landscapes

“I was probably warped by doing paint by numbers as a child,” quips Robin Purcell, alluding to the intriguing patchwork-like quality and bold colors of her engaging watercolors. “My painting style is all about editing the shapes I see in nature to make a statement about the movement. It’s important to observe them from life...


Pastel Pick of the Week | The Landscape Paintings of Richard McKinley

In his 40-plus years of experience painting the landscape, Richard McKinley has hauled his painting gear uphill, downhill, through woods, over fences, along roadsides and everywhere in between to capture the essence of a scene en plein air in pastel or oil. He has been to locations far and wide to conduct this artistic...


Glazed and Confused? Not For Long!

In the newest issue of Acrylic Artist, Darlene Olivia and Sandra Duran Wilson explain more: “Glazing is an additive process that adds depth and interest to your acrylic surface, and is especially effective when applied over textures and mixed-media materials.