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Take your pastel art to the next level with everything you need to know about how to paint with pastels—from Maggie Price’s solutions for specific challenges to Richard McKinley’s invaluable pointers and instruction to pastel tips about materials and supplies.


An Imaginary Realm | The Inventive Pastels of Jane Lewis

"The figures in Jane Lewis’ paintings," writes John Parks, "look out at us from a becalmed, strange and curiously timeless world. Rendered impeccably in subtly shifting tones and hues, the paintings present characters dressed in improbable costumes that seem to belong to a bygone, classical age.


From the Archive | Paint Like Leonardo

During the Italian Renaissance there was a contentious debate as to which was a nobler art form: painting or sculpting. Painters claimed that they had the harder task because they had to invent the illusion of everything within the scene, including the light. Sculptors claimed it was they who had the greater challenge, because...

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Worlds of Whimsy | Pastel Still Life Gallery

Through their realistic paintings of toys, books and other objects from yesteryear, three award-winning pastel still life artists—Kari Tirrell, David Francis and Kathy Hildebrandt—take viewers on a delightfully detailed visual stroll down memory lane. Child’s play never looked so good. Learn more about their processes for their detailed still lifes—and see more of their whimsical,...

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Pastel Painting Demonstration | Michael Chesley Johnson Pastel Landscape

Pastel artist Michael Chesley Johnson shares the step-by-step pastel demonstration of Tobey’s Path (pastel, 11×14) in which he uses the newly released La Maison du Pastel “Petits Roché Neutrals” three sets and the Terry Ludwig “Shades of Nature” set to create a farm landscape. For more about the pastels, see the February 2016 issue of Pastel Journal,...

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Traces of Memory | Anna Wainright Pastel Landscapes

Landscapes can leave an indelible impression on the senses. The dampness of the fog, the warmth of the sun, the earthy smell of the forest, the sound of the wind. These qualities etch a memory of place that’s difficult to portray visually. Yet these fleeting aspects of nature are exactly what Anna Wainright strives...

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Give (or Get) the Pastel Journal 2015 Annual CD or Downloads | Pastel Inspiration at Your Fingertips

Looking for a holiday gift for a fellow pastelist … or perhaps even yourself? Give (or get) the gift of hundreds of pages of pastel inspiration, tips and techniques in one searchable, printable and portable location—the Pastel Journal 2015 Annual CD or Individual Issues Downloads (pdf). Formatted for Mac and PC compatibility, both the CD and downloads...


From the Archives: The Power of Art

Since prehistoric times, humans have manifested the desire to express emotion and thought through artistic forms. Often this is done solely for personal enjoyment, but frequently it serves a bigger purpose by communicating personal feelings to other human beings. This desire to be heard, and hopefully understood, has led to the formation of language,...