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Take your pastel art to the next level with everything you need to know about how to paint with pastels—from Maggie Price’s solutions for specific challenges to Richard McKinley’s invaluable pointers and instruction to pastel tips about materials and supplies.


Pastel Pick of the Week | Portrait of a Pastel 100 Prizewinner

You may remember meeting Simone Bingemer a few months back in the April 2015 issue of Pastel Journal, which featured her pastel portrait, Isabell, the winner of the Pastel Journal Founder's Award, our top prize in the Pastel 100 competition. Here's a snippet from our interview with the artist, who works out of Cologne,...


The Pastels of China | A Gallery

To showcase the exciting talent and distinctive flavor of Chinese pastels, we interviewed three celebrated artists working in the medium—Wang Xiangzhen, Hang Mingshi and Shi Tao—for a feature article in the August issue of Pastel Journal ...


Sky Painting | The Pastels of Katherine Irish

Katherine Irish doesn’t have to go far to find inspiration. She only needs to look up. Those New Mexico skies provide endless inspiration for an ongoing series of skyscape paintings. Irish resists a picture-perfect treatment of sunrise and sunset. Some of  her compositions are horizontal, dark and moody; others are tall and fiery, almost...


Family Ties: Gaela Erwin Pastel Portrait Gallery

Artist Gaela Erwin forthrightly states that much of her work is about loss and mortality—poignant themes in the recent series of portraits of her mother. For nearly 20 years, Erwin had almost exclusively painted self-portraits, exploring similar issues as well as a series of self-portraits as saints. But, “I kind of got sick of myself,”...


Seeing Red: Yael Maimon Paints Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

“Where … are you going, my pretty girl, all alone in the woods?” —Grimm Brothers, Little Red Cap (1812) Artist Yael Maimon is enthralled in her pastel series titled “Once Upon a Time.” As the series name suggests, it focuses on classic fairy tales, yet Maimon often adds a modern-day twist to the stories. Her fascination with fairy tales goes back...


Poetry Made Visible: Leoni Duff Pastel Gallery

“I adore the process of painting,” artist Leoni Duff says. “I love experimenting in pastel, and I find the many possibilities and methods of application interesting.” For example, she may dilute pastel in Turpenoid for an underpainting; scrape pastel sticks with a knife to drop fine grains of color over a painting to create textural...

brian cobble-pastel

Pastel Pick of the Week | Brian Cobble “Scratching the Surface”

Pastel artist Brian Cobble's latest show (his sixth) at Valley House Gallery in Dallas is called "Scratching the Surface," a rather apt description for the meticulous approach the artist takes in his pastel work. The settings of his paintings vary from lived-in, sometimes quirky urban and suburban environments to serene, natural landscapes, and each...


Plein Air Pastels | A Gallery

In the June 2015 issue of Pastel Journal, we asked five renowned landscape artists—Lorenzo Chavez, Liz Haywood-Sullivan, Barbara Jaenicke, Kim Lordier 
and Richard McKinley—about the most important ingredient 
to making a plein air outing a success? Here's a sampling of the responses: