Pastel Art Techniques Painting Landscapes & More

Take your pastel art to the next level with everything you need to know about how to paint with pastels—from Maggie Price’s solutions for specific challenges to Richard McKinley’s invaluable pointers and instruction to pastel tips about materials and supplies.


Breaking Out of a Creative Rut

It's human nature for artist to look for answers—the so-called right way of doing things. When we see another artist’s successful paintings, we think that artist has a secret, and that if we had the same products and applied them in the same fashion, we too would produce masterful outcomes. While there's a degree...


Painting the Pastel Figure | Crawfurd Adamson Studies

Drawing and painting the nude has been a constant practice for British pastel artist Crawfurd Adamson since his college days—and a subject he feels driven to study. At the same time, he’s aware that some artists tackling the same subject have been accused of being sexist or misogynistic, which he consciously works to avoid...


Pastel Plein Air Painting Tips and More! | Pastel Journal June 2015 Issue Preview

Don’t miss this special plein air pastel painting resource! The June 2015 issue of Pastel Journal features pastel techniques and instruction on: the where, when and why of plein air painting, including 32 tips from 5 popular plein air artists. giving and receiving a constructive art critique. the secret to the perfect plein air composition. painting skies. and more! Watch our video preview link below...


Twilight of the Mountain Gorilla | Bob Ziering Pastel Paintings

Bob Ziering has been drawing with an unwavering commitment for more than 30 years, producing an extended series of pastels that constitute a profound reflection on the nature and precarious situation of the mountain gorilla, a critically endangered species. A consummate draftsman, Ziering deploys line and shape with immense power and surety in his...


Pastel Pick of the Week | The Landscape Paintings of Richard McKinley

In his 40-plus years of experience painting the landscape, Richard McKinley has hauled his painting gear uphill, downhill, through woods, over fences, along roadsides and everywhere in between to capture the essence of a scene en plein air in pastel or oil. He has been to locations far and wide to conduct this artistic...


Simone Bingemer | 16th Annual Pastel 100 Founder’s Award Winner

Congratulations to Simone Bingemer, of Cologne, Germany, winner of the Pastel Journal Founder's Award, in memory of Maggie Price, in the 16th Annual Pastel 100 competition. The artist's portraits demonstrate sound drawing skills and a refined application of pastel, and reflect her deep examination into the heart of her subjects.