Watercolor Art: How to Techniques Painting & Landscapes

Mastering the fundamentals and various approaches to watercolor art is challenging and rewarding. You’ll learn about watercolor painting techniques for landscapes and portraits and more, in online galleries, watercolor tutorials and creative challenges. Enjoy learning how to paint with watercolors!


Stephen Zhang Watercolor Portraits: A Brush With Everyday Life

Loose, broad brushstrokes and fresh color add energy and import to Stephen Zhang’s watercolor sketches and watercolor portraits of common men and women in everyday pursuits. He combines transparent washes of vibrant, flowing color and rich, complex glazes. The result? A realistic depiction that retains a fresh, spontaneous quality. “I’ve always been drawn to human figures for the...


Watercolor Artist 2015 Article Index

  Use our year-at-a-glance Watercolor Artist 2015 Article Index to easily locate all of your favorite watercolor painting artists and articles that appeared in the 2015 issues of Watercolor Artist. Get your FREE downloadable index here: Watercolor Artist_Index 2015 Store this index on your desktop for easy access. It’s the perfect companion for your collection of 2015 Watercolor Artist issues....


A Penchant for Plein Air | Mike Kowalski Watercolor Paintings

Mike Kowalski enjoys the myriad challenges—and the resultant rewards—of painting outdoors to capture light and space in his watercolor paintings. Underpinned by sure draftsmanship, a firm grip on perspective and a fine eye for color value, Kowalski’s brushwork is fast, animated and direct. Working within the natural constraints of plein air painting—with its shortage...


Imaginary Worlds | David Brayne Watercolor Paintings

British artist David Brayne’s contemplative figures and moody waterscapes on textured surfaces convey lyrical narratives entrusted to the viewer’s interpretation. While textured surfaces and imagination may be at the heart of Brayne’s work, it doesn’t mean he isn’t influenced by his environment. At one time, he lived in Lincolnshire, a notoriously flat part of England...