Watercolor Art: How to Techniques Painting & Landscapes

Mastering the fundamentals and various approaches to watercolor art is challenging and rewarding. You’ll learn about watercolor painting techniques for landscapes and portraits and more, in online galleries, watercolor tutorials and creative challenges. Enjoy learning how to paint with watercolors!

watercolor-portrait-Jose-ApazaEnigma-2 | artistsnetwork.com

Everyday People: Jose Apaza Watercolor Figures

Peruvian-born artist José Apaza takes a simple, straightforward approach to his watercolor figures and portraits. He cites regular people, not artists, as his primary creative influence. View some of these humble people in this watercolor gallery.

What you need to know about watercolor pigments | Johannes Vloothuis, ArtistsNetwork.com

What You Need to Know About Watercolor Pigments

Watercolor artists who take their craft seriously will know the different classification of the paints and how to exploit them. In my last tutorial I indicated the differences in the watercolor paper. Now we will analyze what goes on the paper and how these pigments behave for watercolor painting. Classification of Pigments Used for Watercolor...

Edward Hopper (United States, 1882Ð1967)
"Pemaquid Light," 1929
watercolor on paper,  14 x 20 inches
Portland Museum of Art, Maine
Anonymous gift, 1980.166
© Portland Museum of Art, Maine

Exhibition of the Month: Portland Museum of Art Masterworks

If you’ll be in or around Maine this spring, take note: The full breadth of the Portland Museum of Art’s (PMA) collection is on view in the exhibition “Masterworks on Paper: Highlights from the Portland Museum of Art,” through June 5. “Masterworks on Paper” includes drawings, prints, watercolors and photographs spanning some 175 years,...

Types of watercolor paper | Johannes Vloothuis, ArtistsNetwork.com

Understanding the Different Grades of Watercolor Paper

This tutorial will deal with the comparisons of hot pressed, cold pressed and rough watercolor paper. To begin with the usage of the term “paper” is a misnomer. In a way this term devalues the price for watercolor paintings in galleries. It suggests the surface is not permanent because the image is painted on...