Watercolor Art: How to Techniques Painting & Landscapes

Mastering the fundamentals and various approaches to watercolor art is challenging and rewarding. You’ll learn about watercolor painting techniques for landscapes and portraits and more, in online galleries, watercolor tutorials and creative challenges. Enjoy learning how to paint with watercolors!

paint yourself calm by jean haines | artistsnetwork.com

Jean Haines Shares Watercolor’s Therapeutic Effects | Paint Yourself Calm

“Everyone can escape from stressful life situations to find inner peace simply by playing with colour.” —Jean Haines Haines is an author, international workshop instructor and award-winning expressive watercolor artist whose East-meets-West painting style has been exhibited in a number of galleries and collected throughout the world. She shares more of the therapeutic effects...

watercolor_floral_Bromeliad 2 (watercolor on paper, 15x11) by Carol Carter | artistsnetwork.com

Color Bouquets | Carol Carter Watercolor Flowers

Watercolor artist Carol Carter is known for her vibrant, non-local figurative work, but she’s also got a penchant for watercolor flowers. “Initially, I was reluctant to paint flowers—I thought I was only a figurative painter,” she says. “I found, though, that it wasn’t difficult for me to switch gears; every painting has its own...