Learn Abstract Painting Using Top Techniques & Ideas

Abstract painting can be whatever you make of it—or, in the case of non-objective art, whatever you don’t make of it. Here we celebrate the many approaches to abstract art and share abstract painting ideas and tips. Bonus article: 3 Easy Steps You Can Take to Learn to Paint!

Mainely Mist (pastel) by Liz Haywood-Sullivan

The Wow Factor | Pastel 100 Jurors on Painting a Winner

Bold. captivating. Stunning. enthralling. exquisite. These are just 
a few of the descriptors used by the jurors of the 14th Annual Pastel 100 to describe their prize­winning selections. They also mentioned expected attributes such as strong design, textural qualities, and a fine handling of values, movement and color. Once an entry has met these...

Journeys to Abstraction by Sue St. John

Editor’s Pick: Journeys to Abstraction by Sue St. John

In Journeys to Abstraction, by Sue St. John, fifty-eight artists share their process and inspiration on 100 abstract paintings covering a variety of mixed media. Find your own inspiration and develop your own techniques with this great gallery of abstract art from top abstract artists. The popularity of creative abstract mixed media art continues...