Learn Abstract Painting Using Top Techniques & Ideas

Abstract painting can be whatever you make of it—or, in the case of non-objective art, whatever you don’t make of it. Here we celebrate the many approaches to abstract art and share abstract painting ideas and tips. Bonus article: 3 Easy Steps You Can Take to Learn to Paint!


Beyond Realism with Abstract Painting

ABSTRACT LANDSCAPES As any abstract artist will tell you, painting what you see doesn’t mean you have to paint it exactly as you see it! Instead, why not take inspiration from the landscapes around you, but turn them into beautiful abstract paintings? You can learn how to create a whole world of material that...

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Tackle Negative Space Using Acrylic Painting Techniques

Get Positive Results! Learn to paint the negative space around objects such as leaves and branches for stunning results and instant improvement in your acrylic landscapes and still lifes. Linda Kemp demonstrates how you can layer your acrylics to build up the background and negative spaces to add depth to your paintings. You’ll learn...


Acrylic Collage Techniques with Merle Rosen

This week’s Jen’s Pick takes us back to ancient 2008, but there’s nothing dated about the excellent instruction in these two videos. In these video workshops on acrylic collage, Merle Rosen takes a looser, more dynamic approach to painting and mixed media, by incorporating unconventional painting techniques, materials and collaged elements into her work....