Animal Art: Drawing & Painting Birds Horses Dogs & More

If you love to draw or paint animal art, you know how helpful expert advice and lessons can be. Discover tips and techniques for animal painting, including specific step-by-step instruction on how to paint fur, how to paint feathers, how to draw animals and much more; as well as find inspiring artwork from expert animal artists.

Dog Drawing by Eli Brooks

Draw the Special Animals in Your Life

It’s funny how animals can capture one’s love and attention, whether they live with us side-by-side, or if we just see glimpses of them by chance in nature. To watch them is rewarding. To draw them takes a studious eye and knowledge of their habitat, anatomy and even stereotypical features, such as the guarding...

Image of Purple Finch and Bachelor Buttons by Koo Schadler

Egg Tempera Painting Demo by Koo Schadler

Egg tempera artist Koo Schadler used a host of techniques to create Purple Finch and Bachelor Buttons. Learn how she approached her egg tempera painting process and achieved her many textural effects with this step-by-step demonstration.

Equine Conference (12x17)

Watercolor Animal Painting | Don Weller

Utah watercolor artist Don Weller renders scenes of modern-day Western adventure—cowboys, horses and rugged landscape—that have captured his imagination since childhood. In the April 2013 issue of Watercolor Artist, Weller shares how he harnesses “dust, mood, action and atmosphere” to bring his works to life. Find everything you need to know about watercolor: how-to...

V9291 RockArts

Rock Painting Ideas for Kids

Rock art is a fun and easy way to spend craft time with your kids. All it takes is paint, a few rocks and your imagination! In this free demonstration on painting on rocks, expert rock artist Lin Wellford shows us how to paint a tasty rockburger complete with pickles and tomatoes. Rock art...