Color Mixing & The Art of Tone Value & Scheme

Energize your artwork with color mixing techniques covering everything from the principle of simultaneous contrast, how to mix paint colors and color palette ideas to using the right color value and tone, working with complementary colors and developing the perfect color scheme.

Pastel Journal December 2012 issue | pastel painting

December 2012 Pastel Journal: Pastel Painting At its Finest

We saved some of our most exciting articles on pastel painting for the final issue of the year! We're talking impressionist-inspired pastel landscapes full of dazzling color, courtesy of Victor Richardson. Genre-bending portraits that come by way of Rubén Belloso. The perfect painting atmosphere, created by none other than Matthew Draper. Plus, creative resources galore.

blue earth pastels

Pastel Pointers | New Possibilities for Your Pastel Color Palette

As pastelists, most of us are encouraged to arrange our pastel sticks with some sort of purpose similar to our wet media comrades. Many segregate by color family, others by value, and some (myself included) utilize a system similar to the chromatic palette, placing colors to represent the color wheel in a value range...


Get a New Inspiration Affirmation Every Week

From Tonia Davenport on Are you familiar with this book? Since it came out recently, I have personally been very inspired by this book by Swirly girl, Christine Mason Miller, and my sincere hope is that in the weeks to come, Desire to Inspire inspires you are as well.                      ...