Art Composition: Golden Mean Point Perspective Linear & More

Learn how to master art composition with these articles covering the principles of art design. You’ll learn how to use the golden mean, work with linear perspective, two-point perspective, three-point perspective and atmospheric perspective; study the importance of the focal point; and learn art composition rules and view composition examples.


Landscape Painting Tips | Helpful Tools for Isolating the View

When we view a painting, we are perceptively transported into a scene of the artist’s design. The encapsulating of the painting on all sides heightens this magical phenomenon, making the most important edges in a painting the perimeter. This is why most artwork is presented with a frame, or displayed on a flat neutral...


Painting Composition | Creative Ways to Design Space

Compositional design is the foundation of any successful painting. What is spatially represented within the borders of a painting’s format communicates an artists’ intent. Various components work in harmony to create a sound composition, such as line, shape, form, color, and texture. Line refers to the motion, direction and orientation of things represented within...


Free Watercolor Demo: Discover Shapes Within a Composition

  Painting Watercolor Flowers That Glow, an encore presentation of North Light artist Jan Kunz’s best-selling book, shares simple step-by-step demonstrations for capturing that celebrated “glow” in watercolor. Kunz explains how composition, color theory and other important elements of painting apply to painting flowers, distilling years of experience into key techniques artists can take...

glass attached to a drawing board |

Pastel Pointers | 5 Sketching Techniques with Glass and Dry Markers

Before starting a painting, most artists do a series of composition sketches to evaluate design elements. These simple or elaborate sketches provide a road map for the scale and placement of major shapes, values and color masses. Referring back to them as the painting progresses keeps the painting on track, often producing a more...