Painting Flowers: Floral Art

Learn all there is to know about painting flowers with these helpful articles. Here you’ll find guides on how to paint flowers, methods for oil painting flowers, painting flowers in watercolor, how to paint flowers in other mediums, galleries of floral still life and more.


Painting Watercolor Flowers: Orchids

In Painting Watercolor Flowers: Orchids, you’ll see two different approaches to painting flowers using tried-and-true watercolor techniques from Joyce Faulknor and Guy Magallanes. These painting partners approach the same subject—an exotic orchid— from two different methods, with Guy painting light to dark, glazing one color at a time, and Joyce takes a looser approach,...

Pastel by Lindesay Harkness

Pastel Floral Painting | Lindesay Harkness

  Pastellist Lindesay Harkness’ floral still lifes and garden scenes look effortlessly beautiful. Her secret? She spent years learning to see the light effect and the value relationships on which it rests. In the June 2013 issue of Pastel Journal, Harkness details how she achieves stunning luminosity through careful attention to values and edges....