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You can’t fit a round peg into a square hole, and that’s why you’ll find endless art subjects in this section of ArtistsNetwork.com. From abstract art created with negative painting to Zentangle, from how to choose art studio lighting to the legality of painting models who are homeless–browse these articles for endless art topics.

acrylic painting by Patti Mollica

Bold, Breakthrough Discoveries

It stands to reason that the more you do something, the better you’ll get. Writing stories, playing music, and drawing/painting are the first three examples that come to my mind. For today’s newsletter, I’ve invited Patti Mollica, a workshop teacher for GOLDEN Artist Colors, to share the reasons that she paints daily so that...

What is art?

What is Art?

The city of Calgary has experienced a large number of complaints about the newly installed public sculpture entitled Traveling Light. Due to the strong polarization of opinions form local and national citizens, “what is art” has become a hot topic at local coffee shops and office water coolers.

portrait painting by Jean Pederson_011714

When is a Piece of Artwork Finished?

Is a painting finished when you run out of paint, sunlight, time, or energy? One of the most common questions asked when I teach is “when is the painting finished?” This is a really difficult question to answer because it's personal.

Rusty Window, abstract painting by Sue St John

Zen and the Art of, Well, Art!

There’s a special state of mind that we can achieve while tapping into our creativity and expressing it via painting, drawing, or other means. Those who don’t allow themselves to experiment with creative endeavors may think it sounds crazy, but I bet you can relate. When we find that space, all else disappears and...

Betweed_Zentangle art

What the Heck is Zentangle?

Have you ever found that there’s a word for something that you’d been doing, but didn’t know that it was actually already an established “thing”? That’s exactly what Zentangle® is for me. As far back as grade school, I remember drawing symmetrical shapes in the margins of my notebooks during class, and certain patterns...