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You can’t fit a round peg into a square hole, and that’s why you’ll find endless art subjects in this section of ArtistsNetwork.com. From abstract art created with negative painting to Zentangle, from how to choose art studio lighting to the legality of painting models who are homeless–browse these articles for endless art topics.

Rusty Window, abstract painting by Sue St John

Zen and the Art of, Well, Art!

There’s a special state of mind that we can achieve while tapping into our creativity and expressing it via painting, drawing, or other means. Those who don’t allow themselves to experiment with creative endeavors may think it sounds crazy, but I bet you can relate. When we find that space, all else disappears and...

Betweed_Zentangle art

What the Heck is Zentangle?

Have you ever found that there’s a word for something that you’d been doing, but didn’t know that it was actually already an established “thing”? That’s exactly what Zentangle® is for me. As far back as grade school, I remember drawing symmetrical shapes in the margins of my notebooks during class, and certain patterns...


How to Display Art on Paper

Wondering how to display art on paper? Get advice from the pros: Litsa Spanos, Chris Morris and Craig Valentine of Art Design Consultants; Paul Schaff of Wellage and Schaff Fine Art Services; Michael Chesley Johnson, pastel artist; Jean Pederson, watermedia artist; and Michael Skalka, Chairman ASTM D01.57.

by Margaret Stermer Cox

The Sketchbook Project: Online Gallery

Even though it is, in most cases, an artist’s least seen work (often by design), a sketchbook can offer the most intimate view into an artist’s process. It is there that moments of high creativity come to life in the form of quick sketches, casual drawings, and unplanned experiments. In the Winter 2013 issue...