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Acrylic Painting Color Essentials with Chris Cozen Floral Painting

Acrylic Color Essentials from Chris Cozen

If you are just getting started with acrylic painting, there are some color essentials you’ll want to know to be successful. Acrylic artist and GOLDEN Paints workshop instructor, Chris Cozen, shares the most important things you’ll want to know about acrylic color in her new art workshop video, Exploring Acrylic: 10 Color Essentials.  Watch this video...

Jodi Ohl Art 28

Painting Techniques for Textured Abstract Art

While there are many, many mediums you can purchase to use to create texture in your artwork, you can also create texture in a different way– heat. In Jodi Ohl’s new book, Abstracts in Acrylic and Ink, she demonstrates heating a specific type of acrylic paint with a heat gun to create bubbles between...


How Different Materials Affect the Drawing Process

The following article by Dan Gheno, about the pros and cons of various drawing materials, appears in the winter 2017 issue of Drawing magazine. You can see the full list of articles in the issue, and you can get your copy here or download a digital version here. You can also subscribe to Drawing. ~~~ How Different Materials...

oil demo

Oil Demo: Painting the Nude in Nature

In this oil demo, Gregg Kreutz returns to the site of the 2015 Nude in Nature Workshop and, with the same model, posing as she had during Kreutz’s class, he painted this study. ~ 1. Positioning: First Kreutz lays in a rough approximation of the general shape of the model. At issue isn’t accuracy or...

Pastel Painting Demonstration by Desmond O'Hagan

Capture the Romance of Light & Color in Pastel

Painting light and color has never been this beautiful! As a painter of pastel and oils, artist Desmond O’Hagan loves the variety of options when working with pastels–with so many colors to choose from, pastel is the perfect choice for painting light and color. Balancing warm against cool, light against dark, and intense against...

Still Life Painting with Richard Robinson

Improve Your Painting with Still Lifes

Get back to basics with a still life painting! Still life paintings allow you to take your time to focus on light and shadow, values, color, and shapes in a controlled atmosphere. Setup a Simple Still Life A great still life begins with the setup. Follow Richard Robinson’s tips for setting up a simple still life....