Portrait & Figurative Art: How to Draw or Paint People & Figures

Mastering figurative art is no small feat, particularly when it comes to portrait art. Rendering the human form, in any medium, requires careful attention to proportions, scale, and familiarity with anatomy. Here we delve into must-know information on painting portraits, including how to draw people and how to draw portraits to moving beyond a sense of likeness to capture a figure’s essence.

Raynes Drawing Faces

Drawing Faces and Painting Portraits

Drawing Faces and Features Every face is different, which makes portraiture particularly challenging. However, it doesn’t require inherent talent with a sprinkling of magic to pull off a good likeness; painting and drawing faces just takes a bit of practice and a few tried and true portrait drawing techniques. Learn how to draw faces...

portrait drawing

Portrait Drawings from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts: Online Exclusive

If you’re a fan of a traditional, classical approach to drawing, you’ll love the current exhibition at The Drawing Center, in New York City, which features a wide selection of portrait drawings from the collection of the esteemed Ecole des Beaux-Arts, in Paris. The school is virtually synonymous with the academic approach to drawing and...


Pastel Pick of the Week | Daniel Greene at Gallery Henoch

“At the Auction,” a new solo exhibition of work by artist Daniel Greene, opened last night at Gallery Henoch in New York City. In his recent work, Greene focuses on the rarefied world of fine art auctions, capturing the drama and excitement of these high-pressure settings.   According to Maureen Bloomfield in “The World...

How to Paint skin tones

Get Great Skin Tones in Any Medium

Great Skin Tones Learning how to paint a figure or a portrait isn’t just about getting the proportions and features right, it’s about capturing the coloring of the person you’re drawing, and it’s just one of the many things that makes a person unique. Even doing a portrait of one person requires more than...