Still Life Painting & Composition: Fruit Vegetables Vases & More

A still life is an exercise in design, as the artist arranges the elements. Learn what it takes to make a great still life painting—what makes an interesting still life composition, how to draw fruit, the art of painting flowers, as well as get still life painting tutorials—with these articles.

Pastel Painting Demonstration by Desmond O'Hagan

Capture the Romance of Light & Color in Pastel

Painting light and color has never been this beautiful! As a painter of pastel and oils, artist Desmond O’Hagan loves the variety of options when working with pastels–with so many colors to choose from, pastel is the perfect choice for painting light and color. Balancing warm against cool, light against dark, and intense against...

Still Life Painting with Richard Robinson

Improve Your Painting with Still Lifes

Get back to basics with a still life painting! Still life paintings allow you to take your time to focus on light and shadow, values, color, and shapes in a controlled atmosphere. Setup a Simple Still Life A great still life begins with the setup. Follow Richard Robinson’s tips for setting up a simple still life....

Oil painter Kelly Birkenruth, our February 2017 Artist of the Month

February 2017 Artist of the Month | Oil Painter Kelly Birkenruth

Congratulations to oil painter Kelly Birkenruth, our February Artist of the Month! Birkenruth was a finalist in The Artist’s Magazine‘s Annual Art Competition! Her piece Limes and Laughs can be seen below. Read more about the artist and why the limes in the piece were a fun challenge for her. Avon, Connecticut ~ My paintings tend to take...

Desmond O'Hagan

Artist Spotlight | Desmond O’Hagan, How to Paint with Confidence

Looking for someone who could teach artists how to paint with confidence, editor-in-chief of the Pastel Journal, Anne Hevener, introduced me to Desmond O’Hagan. Known for his loose painting style, and bold, confident stroke work—and for instilling that skill and spirit in his students—Desmond visited the ArtistsNetwork studios to show us his pastel and...


3 Oil Painters to Fall in Love With

Through our Over 60 Competition, we’ve had the pleasure of getting know so many amazing, inspiring artists, some of which are coming back to art after a period away, or picking up the practice after retirement. Learn more below from 3 of our favorite oil painters, each with their own unique process and story. John...