Still Life Painting & Composition: Fruit Vegetables Vases & More

A still life is an exercise in design, as the artist arranges the elements. Learn what it takes to make a great still life painting—what makes an interesting still life composition, how to draw fruit, the art of painting flowers, as well as get still life painting tutorials—with these articles.

Warts and All (oil, 19x19) by Hans Guerin

Painterly Pumpkins

The squash is a humble vegetable. It’s violently catapulted across fields in a sport called pumpkin chunking. It’s subjected yearly to eager hands equipped with carving knives, and then, it’s inevitably left to rot on front porches across America, while our attention moves to plants of the evergreen sort.


Pastel Pick of the Week | Watch a Still Life Develop in Under 3 Minutes

Artist, Sangita Phadke, paints larger-than-life fruits, flowers and vegetables using up to 10 layers of pastel with meticulous detail that brings her subjects into mouth-watering realism.It takes a lot of time to achieve such effects, but you can observe her approach right here in a time-lapse YouTube video in just a few minutes!