Still Life Painting & Composition: Fruit Vegetables Vases & More

A still life is an exercise in design, as the artist arranges the elements. Learn what it takes to make a great still life painting—what makes an interesting still life composition, how to draw fruit, the art of painting flowers, as well as get still life painting tutorials—with these articles.

How to Paint Glass in Watercolor

Learn How to Paint Glass

Learn How to Paint Glass Glass is a study of contradictions. Both durable and terribly fragile at the same time, it’s often able to withstand heat but shatters when dropped; it can be perfectly clear and see-through, or cloudy and opaque, blocking out the light and distorting reflections. It is both utilitarian in the...

Onion in Pen and Ink

Pen Drawing Techniques: Create Textures in Ink

I often think of drawing and painting as two separate things, but in the reality of an artist, they overlap quite a bit. There are plenty of painters who will tell you that drawing is integral to their process. A painting starts life in sketches to determine composition, then a line drawing to act...


Getting Real | Aurelio Rodriguez Lopez Pastels

For noted Spanish pastelist Aurelio Rodríguez López, creating a heightened sense of realism is essential to the expression of his ideas. Whether painting portraits or still lifes, he deftly uses technique, light, color and detail to convey what he sees. “I’ve always loved drawing and painting in a realistic manner, and though I had adventures...

Remains - Sidonia & Sabina

Online Gallery: Sabina Tichindeleanu

In the fall Issue of Drawing magazine, we introduce Sabina Tichindeleanu (, displaying her unique graphite drawings, which in a way function as memorials. Here we’d like to share a larger sample of the artists work, in which she explores human existence and the ways we are connected by our ability to remember. To see more, visit...


Still Lifes Under Glass | Melanie Lacki Watercolor Gallery

Melanie Lacki‘s expressive still life watercolor paintings explore the reflective surfaces of glass and pay homage to family, friends and favorite artists. “My subject matter is chosen based on a special emotional reaction I get when observing things around me,” says Lacki, referring to the mementos, books, fruit, fabric, shells and more that take center stage...