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The Artist’s Magazine celebrates the creative life and the creative act, the artist as well as the art, by showcasing the best work—in all media and in all styles—of the best artists working today. Learn about pastel, watercolor, oil, acrylic painting; drawing techniques; modern artists and art teachers. Get inspired by the range of subjects, including painting landscapes, portraits and figures, abstract art, animal and wildlife art, still life and more.

artist of the month

March 2017 Artist of the Month | Nicholas Stirling

Congratulations to our March 2017 Artist of the Month, Nicholas Stirling! Stirling was a finalist in The Artist’s Magazine‘s Annual Art Competition! His piece Stoic can be seen below. Read more about the artist below and why this piece resonates with him in these changing times. Ontario, Canada ~   March 2017 Artist of the Month |...

Portraits of Holocaust Survivors by D J Kassan square |

Portraits of Holocaust Survivors by David Jon Kassan

Portraits of Holocaust survivors might well be considered the work of decades because truly surviving such a traumatic upheaval goes far beyond living through the experience. Surviving, in its fullest sense, entails thriving—going on to rebuild a life and, eventually, look back upon the days before, during and after the Holocaust to see the complex...

oil painter

10 Principles of Painting with Oil Painter Gregg Kreutz

Oil painter Gregg Kreutz has more than a few tricks up his sleeve. Here, he shares with us a few principles he implements in his own creative process. Read below, and don’t forget to order your copy of The Artist’s Magazine‘s newest issue. 10 Principles of Painting with Oil Painter Gregg Kreutz 1. The four...

oil demo

An Oil Portrait Demo in 4 Parts with Katie O’Hagan

Katie O’Hagan walks us through this oil portait demo in 4 easy-to-follow steps. ~ 1. Starting with the Eye: As usual,  I start with the eye. Prussian blue is a recent addition to my palette; I use it mainly when painting the white part of the eye, which requires the tiniest amount of the...

oil demo

Oil Demo: Painting the Nude in Nature

In this oil demo, Gregg Kreutz returns to the site of the 2015 Nude in Nature Workshop and, with the same model, posing as she had during Kreutz’s class, he painted this study. ~ 1. Positioning: First Kreutz lays in a rough approximation of the general shape of the model. At issue isn’t accuracy or...