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John Salminen and Golden Watercolors: Road Test

Known for its acrylics, the Golden Artist Colors launches a new line of watercolors.  This article is from The Artist’s Magazine (July/August 2014). Subscribe, for 10 full issues of instruction per year, or read the entire issue for more great art and tips.   Golden Artist Colors has developed a line of watercolors, called QoR Modern Watercolor. Given the fact that there’s...

Digital photography terms: RGB and CMYK

Whether on a computer screen or in print, images are rendered in only a few colors. Computer monitors use three colors (RGB); printers use four colors (CMYK). When choosing one color system over the other, there are certain things to keep in mind.


Interview With Jimmy Wright: Turning Toward the Sun

Jimmy Wright's sunflower paintings can be found in an number of notable collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. In this interview with The Artist's Magazine, he explains how, for 20 years, he continued to breathe new life into this iconic image.