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The Art of Illusion | Use the Magic of Edges in Your Painting

Any creative who’s trying to depict reality—whether an author, sculptor or painter—must try to master the art of illusion. One of the most useful tools an artist can use to produce this magic is the manipulation of edges. The dictionary definition of “edge” is the line where an object or area begins or ends:...


18th Annual Pastel 100 Competition Top Award Winners

Pastel Journal is pleased to share a video preview of our April 2017 issue featuring the talents of the top award and category winners in the 18th Annual Pastel 100 Competition. Also included in the April issue—available at and on newsstands March 7th: exclusive interviews with 30 prizewinning artists, insight from the Pastel 100 jurors, how...


Jian Wang | 18th Annual Pastel 100 Award of Excellence Winner

The Pastel Journal Award of Excellence in the 18th Annual Pastel 100 competition went to a figural painting, Lipstick, by Wang Jian, an artist from Beijing, China. Vianna Szabo, the juror of the competition’s Portrait and Figure category called “Lipstick" a "masterful study in the power of limiting detail in a painting."


Becky Johnson Wins Gold in the 18th Pastel 100

Becky Johnson lives in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies. But the painter doesn't go for the vast, majestic mountain scenes you might expect of someone living in that area. Instead, she's drawn to more intimate scenes like the one that inspired Along the Road, below. It won the artist the Richeson Pastel Gold...


Diana Sanford | Richeson Pastel Bronze Award Winner

Diana Sanford‘s pastel abstract, Reckoning, received the Richeson Pastel Bronze Award in the 18th Annual Pastel 100 Competition. “Color and design are the strengths here, with impeccably subtle layering,” says Abstract & Non-Objective Category Juror Marcia Holmes of Sanford’s award-winning pastel abstract, below. “There’s also intrigue. We want to see this painting in person to...

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Plein Air Landscapes | Edward Kennedy Pastel Gallery

Edward Kennedy’s plein air pastel landscapes take viewers to many places—a shimmering river in Yellowstone National Park, the rocky coast of Maine and sleepy country roads in the Midwest. No matter the setting, though, the paintings by this mostly self-taught artist conjure a deeper place—that calm, meditative state of mind that can only be found...