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Pastel Pick of the Week | 23 Masters of Landscape Painting

Many artists draw their painting inspiration from the landscape. Why? There's the practical aspect: Unlike other subjects—a figure model or a wildlife subject, for example—the landscape is there and ready to accommodate your schedule. You can step outside your door at any time, if you like, and start looking for compositions. That said, the...


Albert Handell’s Pastel Painting Tip | Seeing Value

In the June issue of Pastel Journal (on sale here), master pastelist Albert Handell shares his approach to painting adobe buildings, one of the essential elements of the Southwestern landscape. Vital to his technique is the use of lively, but harmonic color. To do this , he stresses the importance of using colors that...

pastel-plein-air-kit-grand-canyon-aaron-schuerr |

Packing for a Grand Canyon Art Trek

Pastel artist Aaron Shuerr combined his love of nature, art and adventure in an amazing six-day solo art trek, rim to rim, across the Grand Canyon. Here he shares, in his own words, what inspired him to make the trip, how he prepared and what he packed. Learn more about his Grand Canyon traverse, read his...


Living Jewels | Lionel Asselineau’s Pastel Birds

Lionel Asselineau’s pastels of living jewels capture the velvety softness of a feather, the down on a seed pod, the spirited cheekiness of a sparrow. The former jeweler takes as much care in painting these scenes as he once used when setting a solitaire. “Just as in the creation of a piece of jewelry, I...


Explore the World of Pastel | Pastel Journal June 2016 Issue Preview

Pastel Journal invites you to explore the world—and the world of pastel. The June 2016 issue introduces you to six artists who share their desert, arctic and coastal explorations and their tips for painting what they see before them. PLUS: Learn how to speak the international language of color. This inspiring issue is available at in print or...

pastel-landscape-Dawn-Linda-Mutti-9-x-12 |

Luminous Landscapes | Linda Mutti Pastel Gallery

Linda Mutti‘s luminous landscapes rendered in pastel are based on the Santa Barbara, Calif., environs in which she lives. Mutti is a half-hour or less drive from a variety of beautiful vistas—mountains, oceans, bluffs—that inspire her paintings. “I like scenes that have big shapes,” she says. “A view has to speak to me on an...


Best of Pastel Pointers | Handling Edges in a Landscape Painting

The handling of the edges within a painting can be subconsciously intimidating to an artist, which can have a subsequent effect on how product is applied. When the elements that make up the subject matter of a scene are visually recognized, we intellectually understand that they are separated from one another—that there is space...


The Secret to Painting a Masterpiece

With the release of the new April 2016 issue of Pastel Journal, which celebrates the winners of the 17th Annual Pastel 100 Competition, it seemed a perfect opportunity to revisit a Pastel Pointers post by Richard McKinley in which he discusses the secret to painting a masterpiece—and your next award-winner: Know your purpose.