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Amanda Penley

Let’s Get Digital: Digital Art with Amanda Penley

In the June 2016 issue of The Artist’s Magazine we profile Amanda Penley, whose personal story compelled us as much as her subtle and absorbing digital art. A Harry Potter admirer through and through, Penley uses details from the books to recreate some of our favorite magical landmarks. Below is more about the artist, and a...


Watercolor Artist 2015 Article Index

  Use our year-at-a-glance Watercolor Artist 2015 Article Index to easily locate all of your favorite watercolor painting artists and articles that appeared in the 2015 issues of Watercolor Artist. Get your FREE downloadable index here: Watercolor Artist_Index 2015 Store this index on your desktop for easy access. It’s the perfect companion for your collection of 2015 Watercolor Artist issues....