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Acrylic Painting, Bell of the Ball by Randy Van Dyck

How Rejection Will Make You a Better Artist

Your assignment: Face rejection 10 times, for a start that is. You’re likely thinking that sounds rather unpleasant, but we’re serious. Acrylic Artist, the leading fine-art magazine that features working artists, has found a common thread running through most artists’ stories—they faced rejection, and overcame it, on the road to artistic success. Remember when...


Creating a Travel Sketchbook Kit

Creating a travel sketchbook kit means you’ll be ready for anything. See something inspiring? Sketch it out! Even if you’re just sketching little thumbnails while you’re waiting for the bus or killing time before meeting friends for a movie, you’ll be able to capture those moments of inspiration for later. Sketchbook: Grab a small...

Johannes Vloothuis

Top 10 Oil Painting Tips from Johannes Vloothuis

A master painter and favorite art workshop instructor, Johannes Vloothuis teaches thousands of students how to paint with oil (among other mediums), so we asked him for his Top 10 Tips for Oil Painters. We think you’ll agree that these essential painting techniques should be in every artist’s tool kit. 1. Use Underpainting or Fast...