Drawing: Summer 2014 Table of Contents

The summer 2014 issue of Drawing is out now, and it’s full of articles about still life, pastel, and other drawing topics. Click here to get your copy. In this issue you’ll find: Visions of Sunflowers Questions and answers with Jimmy Wright, one of America’s leading pastelists. Interview by Austin R. Williams Click here...

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Demos: Drawing the Nose and Eye

In the summer 2014 issue of Drawing, our “Drawing Fundamentals” series teaches you how to draw realistic mouths and noses from various angles. Author and artist Jon deMartin explains that the same underlying process applies when drawing any of the face’s features.  First, you must find the line of action, which describes the form’s...


Reaching the End | When is a Painting Finished?

It seems that most of us—even when we have mapped out a destination for a painting—still find it hard to know when to put down the pastel stick and stop working. In fact, one of the most commonly asked question in one of my workshops is "How do you know when you are done?"


Exhibition: Last Chance to See “Lebbeus Woods, Architect”

Don’t miss the exhibition “Lebbeus Woods, Architect,” at The Drawing Center, in New York City. And even if you can’t attend in person, it’s worth taking a look at this artist’s interesting work. Throughout his career, architect Lebbeus Woods has created a narrative on how construction can be transformative. Working mostly with graphite on...

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Winners of the 2nd Annual Shades of Gray Competition

We’re proud to present the winning works in Drawing’s second annual Shades of Gray Competition, which challenges artists to submit their best drawings, in any medium, created entirely in black, white, and gray. The following 14 drawings were selected as the winners from more than 1,000 entries by a panel of judges. You can...


Drawing, Spring 2014 Preview Video

The latest issue of Drawing focuses on ink and the many ways artists use it in their work. Articles include a survey of artists who work with the medium, a rundown of the different types of inks available, and a spotlight on Paul Madonna, who uses ink to create a unique type of comic strip. Also...

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New Work by Ethan Murrow and Francisco Souto

Two of Drawing’s favorite artists are currently holding solo exhibitions featuring terrific new work. Ethan Murrow, whose graphite drawings often depict pseudo-pioneers and adventurers embarking on strange missions or tasks, is featured in the exhibition “State Flag” at Winston Wachter, in New York City. The exhibition introduces a fascinating series of semi-allegorical drawings inspired...

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Exhibition Preview: Expressionist Art in Washington, DC

The National Gallery of Art, in Washington, DC is hosting an exhibition that brings together works from major German art movements, most notably the haunting German Expressionists. “Modern German Prints and Drawings from the Kainen Collection” includes works ranging from the 19th century to the 1970s, and although this spans some 200 years, the...