Painting Realistic Landscapes in Pastel: Water & Reflections with Liz Haywood-Sullivan

Paint Layers of Transparency with Pastel

Painting water is a complicated subject, probably more so than any other landscape subject. It requires the most planning of all the landscape elements. If you slow down and observe, you’ll find that you start to see what is really there, and not just what you think you see. (HINT: Water is not always blue.)...

winter watercolors chasing vista

Winter Watercolors: Embrace the BURRR!

There’s no sugar-coating it– winter is on! And while it may be tempting to want to downshift into hermit mode for the rest of the season, we decided to take a different approach and embrace the BURRR by featuring some of our favorite winter watercolors that have appeared over the years in our Splash: The Best of...