Drawing: Fall 2014 Table of Contents

We’re happy to announce that the fall 2014 issue of Drawing is now available, and as usual, it’s full of practical advice and inspiring artwork. Click here to purchase or download the new issue, or click here to subscribe to the magazine. The full lineup of articles: New Realities: The Many Faces of James Valerio We talk...

Remains - Sidonia & Sabina

Online Gallery: Sabina Tichindeleanu

In the fall Issue of Drawing magazine, we introduce Sabina Tichindeleanu (www.sabinatichindeleanu.com), displaying her unique graphite drawings, which in a way function as memorials. Here we’d like to share a larger sample of the artists work, in which she explores human existence and the ways we are connected by our ability to remember. To see more, visit...


Pastel Pick of the Week | How the Pastel 100 Can Change Your Life

On Monday we celebrate Labor Day. What better way to honor the dedicated work you do as a pastel artist than by entering your latest “labor of love” in the 16th Annual Pastel 100 Competition? Why enter? One, because the deadline is Tuesday! Two, because there’s nothing quite like the shot in the arm...


Two Weeks Left: Enter Drawing’s 2014 Shades of Gray Competition!

The deadline for the 2014 Shades of Gray Competition is September 8–only two weeks left! This competition offers artists an opportunity for their accomplishments to be recognized in Drawing magazine. To enter, a work must be created entirely in black, white and gray in media including, but not limited to, graphite, charcoal, pastel, chalk,...


So, What’s Your Hook?

Knowing the hook—or what it is that attracted me to a certain scene—is key to producing a successful landscape painting. It's the concept. If I don’t know why I’m doing it, then I won’t know what to do. Following this concept is also useful in terms of knowing when a painting is finished. Think...


Drawing: Summer 2014 Table of Contents

The summer 2014 issue of Drawing is out now, and it’s full of articles about still life, pastel, and other drawing topics. Click here to get your copy. In this issue you’ll find: Visions of Sunflowers Questions and answers with Jimmy Wright, one of America’s leading pastelists. Interview by Austin R. Williams Click here...

eye d

Demos: Drawing the Nose and Eye

In the summer 2014 issue of Drawing, our “Drawing Fundamentals” series teaches you how to draw realistic mouths and noses from various angles. Author and artist Jon deMartin explains that the same underlying process applies when drawing any of the face’s features.  First, you must find the line of action, which describes the form’s...


Reaching the End | When is a Painting Finished?

It seems that most of us—even when we have mapped out a destination for a painting—still find it hard to know when to put down the pastel stick and stop working. In fact, one of the most commonly asked question in one of my workshops is "How do you know when you are done?"