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Watercolor Figures | Yael Maimon Gallery

Israeli artist Yael Maimon is known for adept, expressive strokes; bold, vivid colors; and delightfully  engaging painting series of cats, desserts and fairytale figures. “I think that over the years I’ve developed my own style that keeps evolving,” she says. “It’s a natural process; it’s not static. Style builds slowly over time and shifts in relation to life...

watercolor_seascape_mare-d-inverno_enza-viceconte |

Ode to the Sea | Enza Viceconte Watercolor Seascapes

As a watercolorist, Enza Viceconte finds water to be essential to her work, and it also serves as the subject and spiritual wellspring of her creative output. “I really love the sea, its rocks and its natural light,” Viceconte says. “The silent and private language I share with the sea has always been a...

watercolor_cat_eyeingthe-goldfish_maimon |

Cats in Charcoal | Yael Maimon Sketches and Paintings

Observational sketching in charcoal is the means by which watercolorist Yael Maimon captures the lifelike feline gestures seen in her watercolors. Using a mixture of gestural lines and tonal masses, Maimon is able to imply a narrative and situate the cat subjects in an illusionistic pictorial space. Because charcoal is a versatile medium, it’s...

watercolor landscape_Literary Walk Summer_Carole McDermott |

Central Park Watercolors | Carole McDermott Gallery

Carole McDermott uses the suggestive powers of watercolor—its ability to veil, drip and flow—to summon a sense of romance and joy in her New York City Central Park watercolors. She combines precise draftsmanship and accurate perspectives with open brushwork and adventurous paint. This handling creates works that describe specific places, but which remain suggestive and...