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watercolor_floral_Bromeliad 2 (watercolor on paper, 15x11) by Carol Carter |

Color Bouquets | Carol Carter Watercolor Flowers

Watercolor artist Carol Carter is known for her vibrant, non-local figurative work, but she’s also got a penchant for watercolor flowers. “Initially, I was reluctant to paint flowers—I thought I was only a figurative painter,” she says. “I found, though, that it wasn’t difficult for me to switch gears; every painting has its own...


Painterly People | Carol McSweeney Watercolor Portraits

The watercolor portraits of Carol McSweeney, which she describes as “carefully and sometimes deceptively loose,” convey the artist’s fascination with the human spirit and the unique beauty she observes in people. McSweeney is passionate about getting to know her subjects. “It’s educational for me to meet and hear about their lives and then create a piece that...

watercolor-still life-Caught_200-Funderburk

Drama, Extravagance and Poetry | Brent Funderburk Watercolor Gallery

Brent Funderburk infuses his watercolor still life and non-objective paintings with saturated color and rich complexity to take viewers on a magical adventure. His large watercolors drip and flood in rivers of saturated hues, while forms are modeled to almost psychedelic intensity. Subjects—from paint tubes and flowers to dancers—float, fly and dissolve in whirlwinds of paint...

watercolor-portrait-Jose-ApazaEnigma-2 |

Everyday People: Jose Apaza Watercolor Figures

Peruvian-born artist José Apaza takes a simple, straightforward approach to his watercolor figures and portraits. He cites regular people, not artists, as his primary creative influence. View some of these humble people in this watercolor gallery.