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Mexican Back Road by Stan Miller

Watercolor, Egg Tempera Blend Power, Subtlety | Stan Miller

Stan Miller has an eye that’s equally fascinated by explosive drama and the quietest subtleties. In his watercolor and egg tempera paintings, he combines the excitement of powerful light sources and blazing highlights with passages of closely keyed color that are exquisitely judged. His portraits are precisely observed, but they also transmit expressions and...


On Sabbaticals and Lifelines | Carla O’Connor

A yearlong sabbatical outside the classroom gave workshop instructor and watercolor artist Carla O’Connor time for reflection, renewal and reconnection. “I had begun a group of paintings several years ago,” O’Connor says, “but my workshop schedule had monopolized a majority of my time and attention, causing me to put the works aside. While on leave, though,...

Ta' Pawlina by Peter Quinn

Drawn to Paint | Peter Quinn

English artist Peter Quinn relies on drawing—something he greatly enjoys—as the foundation for the bold color and strong shapes of his watercolor paintings, most often of townscapes. He takes a sketchbook with him on all of his painting excursions, filling it with lively, linear-style drawings in waterproof ink. These days, he takes a watercolor box, too,...

Standby Position (watercolor on paper) by J. Henderer Burns

Watercolor Still Life Series | J. Henderer Burns

Still life artist J. Henderer Burns explores her favorite subjects in limited series, building on past successes while seeking new challenges. It might be a series of elegant birds set against intricate patterns, a trio of paintings that capture the same windmill from radically different perspectives or an array of musical instruments. Every subject...

Buskin' Blues (watercolor on paper, 14x21.5) by Kristi Grussendorf

A Passion for Watercolor | Kristi Grussendorf

A perennial student of watercolor, artist Kristi Grussendorf finds endless opportunities for artistic growth. In fact, she happily admits to being a workshop junkie. “I’ve been lucky enough to take workshops with such masters as Carl Purcell, Carla O’Connor, Stephen Quiller, Alvaro Castagnet and Richard Stephens,” she says. “There’s a little something of each of them in...

Focus of Light on Fall Trees (watercolor on paper, 15x11) by Karlyn Holman

Creating a Backlit Watercolor Landscape

One of watercolor artist Karlyn Holman‘s favorite scenes to paint is a backlit woodland landscape. The technique she uses to render this phenomenon is easy, effective and fail-safe. Follow along as she shares how she creates a focus of light on autumn trees from which the “fingers of God” emanate. Holman also shares a detailed...