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Everyday People: Jose Apaza Watercolor Figures

Peruvian-born artist José Apaza takes a simple, straightforward approach to his watercolor figures and portraits. He cites regular people, not artists, as his primary creative influence. View some of these humble people in this watercolor gallery.
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Fall Clouds | Watercolor Demonstration by William C. Wright

“Watercolor seems like it was made for painting cloud-filled skies,” says artist William C. Wright. “When mixed with water, its translucency enables the artist to achieve soft edges and accidental effects easily and quickly. And, because watercolor dries fast, especially en plein air, layering additional colors in the sky is effectively...

Brighton Beach Watercolor Cityscapes | Susan Weintraub Gallery

Adventurous techniques and an emphasis on value lend an evocative air of timelessness to Susan Weintraub’s Brighton Beach watercolor cityscapes. New York City threatens to dissolve in her paintings, as buildings and figures loom softly in veils of drizzle and mist that can render concrete and steel as insubstantial as a dream. Streetlights...

Everyday Scenes | Vladislav Yeliseyev Watercolor Landscapes

Artist Vladislav Yeliseyev is no stranger to beautiful scenery. In fact, he’s traveled around the world to paint interesting watercolor cityscapes and watercolor landscapes. But unlike many artists who are drawn to postcard-perfect sites, Yeliseyev usually can be found around the back of a building, along the street or in an alleyway, capturing...