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This competition is now closed. Winners will be notified on or before April 18, 2014.


Splash 16: Exploring Texture

North Light Books’ hardbound showcase of the best in contemporary watercolors.

CALL FOR ENTRIES: December 2, 2013 (early-bird); December 31, 2013 (final) CLOSED




artwork eligibility
Texture is of particular interest to many watercolor painters, perhaps because watercolor is so adaptable to so many different applications. Some artists are inspired by the very textures one can create from the paint itself—the endless variations that can be produced with common or unlikely tools, by re-directing water or air, or by a mere tilt of the surface to change the direction of gravity. Other artists are fascinated by and seek to replicate the infinite world of natural textures, or man-made textures—both beautiful and unpleasant—that we humans have added to the fabric of this earth. Some artists even visualize their emotions to create a personal texture that expresses a mood or spiritual feeling. All of these are valid interpretations of our theme “exploring texture.”

There are many words we use to define texture—surface, quality, feel, grain, character, finish, weave, personality, nature, makeup or appearance, to name a few. We will be looking for excellence and originality, as well as a variety of styles and subjects. If selected, you will be asked to write about the texture in your painting: how you created it, what it represents to you, how it works with your overall composition, or the like. The dominant medium must be watercolor, but some minor use of other media may be acceptable.


Digital images must be submitted online or on CD-ROM or DVD (please label the discs with your name and address). For judging purposes, these images must be high quality, in RGB color mode, JPG format and 72dpi. All digital files must be smaller than 5MB. Digital files submitted by mail must be labeled with your last name, first name, the entry number (should correspond to the number on the entry form), with no punctuation marks until the file extension (example: Wolf Rachel 3.jpg). Discs will not be returned.

Selection process
Rachel Wolf and the editorial staff of North Light Books will review all submissions. Art will be selected on the basis of general quality as well as suitability for this publication.

Entry form
Enter online or use the downloadable entry form. If entering offline, the form must be completed and submitted along with your artwork, postmarked by December 31, 2013. Keep a copy of the entry form for yourself—we may refer to it in future correspondence.



Entry fee
The fee is $30.00 for the first digital submission and $25.00 for each additional digital submission. We accept all major credit cards as well as checks or money orders. If you are paying by check or money order please make them payable in U.S. funds to F+W Media, Inc. Entry fees are non-refundable.

Notification and requirements of winners
Winners will be notified on or before April 18, 2014. Winners will be asked to provide specific written information about their selected painting(s). This written information, in order to be accepted, will have to be provided on paper and electronically (i.e., via e-mail or on CD/DVD). Winners will be required to submit a 4″ × 5″ transparency or 9″ × 12″ TIFF or JPG file (RGB format, 300dpi) for the work(s) to be published. Transparencies and CD/DVDs will be held by the publisher until the date of publication; transparencies will be returned. A list of winners will be available online after April 18, 2014.

Occasionally we make portions of our customer list available to other companies so they may contact you about products and services that may interest you. If you prefer we withhold your name, send a note with your name, address and the competition name to: List Manager, F+W Media, Inc., 10151 Carver Road, Suite 200, Blue Ash, Ohio 45242.




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