Start Drawing: Drawing Basics for the Beginning Artist

The pencil. It’s humble, it’s common, and it’s waiting for you to do amazing things with it. Once you download this free chapter on drawing basics, you’ll want just three things: a pencil, a sharpener, and paper. That’s how easy it is to get started with these drawing basics!

Have you always wanted to learn how to draw? You won’t enhance your drawing skills by just thinking about it, which is why is here to offer instruction. It can be intimidating to begin, but not when you have wonderful teachers such as Mark and Mary Willenbrink, who have written the book (literally) on drawing lessons for beginners. “The skills necessary for drawing aren’t limited to just pencil and paper, but can be used in other art forms,” they write in Drawing for the Absolute Beginner. “When you draw, you’re interpreting what you observe from your own perspective.”

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How to draw

Learn how to hold drawing pencils for art with this free tutorial.

Learn to Draw with this Free Tutorial

Drawing techniques include using basic shapes and correct proportions, understanding perspective and contrast, and working from reference materials, just to name a few. In this free download, Mark and Mary Willenbrink offer drawing tips such as how to hold the pencil, how to make a structural sketch, a value sketch, a contour sketch, and how to use black-and-white sketches to make your subject identifiable–as well as how to combine these approaches for a beginner-level drawing. Scroll down to learn more about this free download on drawing basics!

Learn proven techniques and beginner drawing tips in this free excerpt. The step-by-step drawing lessons include:

How to draw basics

Tip 1 from Drawing Basics for the Beginning Artist

“Line up your drawing board and paper with your subject and lightly sketch horizontal lines. These will guide you as you place your subject’s features. Grab a friend and try it yourself!”

How to draw flower

Tip 2 from Drawing Basics for the Beginning Artist

“A structural sketch helps you see how a subject is constructed. Look for basic shapes such as squares, rectangles, and circles. Now ask yourself how they relate to one another. Before you pick up your pencil to sketch your coffee cup, take a minute to study your subject.”

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