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Master the Urban Landscape in Watercolor, Digital Collection Master the Urban Landscape in Watercolor | NorthLightShop.com

Considered one of the finest living artists of our times, John Salminen has mastered the art of painting the urban landscape. From composing reference photos to transferring complex scenes to watercolor paper and using value to organize paintings, John shares the secrets to his success in these three must-have resources.

With John as your guide, you’ll wander the streets of New York, Beijing, Paris and beyond, learning how to capture candid shots like a pro, create interesting background washes, and paint shimmering streets and glowing neon lights. Embark on your next watercolor journey with John today!

This collection includes:
eBOOK: John Salminen – Master of the Urban Landscape: From realism to abstractions in watercolor
Video Download: Urban Landscape in Watercolor with John Salminen
Digital Download: Watercolor Artist December 2016 issue, in which John encourages you to ditch the guidebook, grab your camera and join him off the beaten path, where a world of inspiration awaits.

The best part is, with this collection available for immediate download, you don’t have to wait.

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