New Paint Brushes for Artists: Orange Ice from FM Brush Company

In a unique manufacturing process, FM Brush Company has created the Orange Ice Brush Collection for acrylics and water-soluble mediums. Inspired by a favorite summertime delight, this new brush set is ideal as a gift, or a tool for yourself. Paintbrushes for artists

“As a young boy my favorite ice cream treat was a Creamsicle–an orange ice pop with a vanilla ice cream center,” says Fred Mink, President & CEO of FM Brush Company. “Today our Dynasty version is a blend of two different synthetics. The orange synthetic wraps around the vanilla synthetic in a special manufacturing technique, allowing the Orange Ice brush to maintain its point and retain its shape.”

The synthetic tufts are springy enough to hold an enormous amount of fluid and have the ability to create unique strokes and spirals without ever losing control. The brushes are artist length and have balanced wood handles. They come in a creamy orange color with a white tip that tops off this treat. Available in Size 6 18 Round, 24 Round and a set of Size 6 & 12 Round at

This post is sponsored by FM Brush Company.

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