3 Lessons on How to Draw Animals: Facial Features of Pets

Not everyone is cognizant of all the life that surrounds us, but as an artist, you probably have a keen sense of awareness. Maybe you notice the way a cat tilts its head as it cleans a paw, or the way that a bird such as a killdeer spreads its wings with an arched back as it prances, in hopes of attracting a mate. To see these nuances is a gift; to portray them on paper takes talent and practice on learning how to draw animals.

People want to draw animals for different reasons–as a study of the animal itself, as a challenge to draw fur, scales or feathers, or maybe just because you love your pet and want to draw your cat or dog as a tribute. No matter your reason for drawing animals, you can improve your art by learning new techniques for drawing eyes, noses and other animal attributes.

That’s why we’re happy to share with you this free excerpt from Lee Hammond’s book, Drawing Realistic Pets from Photographs. “Artwork is always more inspirational when you are in love with your subject matter,” says Hammond. “This book isn’t just about drawing animals. It is about animal ‘portraiture’—capturing the soul and essence of the pet that is a member of your family, and preserving their memory forever through art. Through your drawings, you can capture the actions and behaviors, the love and devotion, the fun-loving personality and gentle spirit of your wonderful pets.” — Lee Hammond

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3 Lessons on How to Draw Animals

Drawing animals–common pets in particular–is rewarding in that you can portray your favorite animal and capture its personality and expressive qualities. Take a moment to sign up for the Artists Network newsletter and download these free lessons on how to draw dogs and how to draw cats so that you don’t have to wait another moment. Next, all you will need is a pencil and paper! Upcoming issues of the newsletter will include exclusive North Light Shop discount codes and coupons, more drawing lessons such as the ones included in this download, and step-by-step painting demonstrations. What are you waiting for?

Learn proven techniques for drawing cat and dog faces in this free excerpt. The step-by-step drawing lessons include:

How to draw a cat the easy way!

How to Draw a Cat

Is the cat you are drawing alert, sleepy or curious? Follow this step-by-step drawing demonstration to learn how to draw Mindy, Hammond’s own kitty who is small with huge eyes. You’ll start by drawing the cat’s eyes, darkening the pupils and placing the catchlights, and then adding the surrounding fur.

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How to Draw a Dog

It would be hard to find a person who doesn’t believe that each dog has its own personality. In this drawing demo, you’ll learn how to draw the face of Milo, a gentle dog whose demeanor seems evident even in the softness of his fur. Steps include checking your line drawing, adding and blending tones, and then drawing his nose and mouth, followed by his long, silky ears.

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Tips on How to Draw Animals’ Furry Faces

In addition to drawing the face of a cat and a dog, you can also grab your pencil and follow along in Hammond’s mini-demonstration of drawing a mouse face and a rabbit face. All of these practice sessions will improve your drawing, so that you can choose your own subjects to accurately portray.

Prepare to create some of the best drawings of animals you’ve ever done.


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