How to Draw Flowers: Lessons From Lee Hammond

Flowers are an integral part of our culture. Think of the times you’ve used them in your life–in weddings for the bouquet or boutonnière, and on more somber occasions, in funerals to decorate the parlor and cemetery. Of course, there are all the everyday moments in between as well, when we might pause to look at the flowers at our local market, on a neighborhood walk, or, at my house, on a table, where I try to keep a few stems to bring a little extra beauty to the space.

So it comes as no surprise that flora and fauna are such popular subjects for paintings and drawings. Flowers offer you an endless variety of color, from the deep red of crimson blush roses to the soft white of a calla lily. And, they’re accessible; a trip to just about any grocery store can provide not only your milk and eggs, but also an affordable subject for your next artwork. A small bouquet to serve as your setup to draw roses costs less than a meal in some places.

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Drawing Flowers Tutorial

How to draw flowers in colored pencil: A free tutorial

Learn How to Draw Flowers from a Pro

Taking these factors into consideration, along with the fact that floral subjects don’t complain about the pose, and you have several reasons to draw flowers. But how do you start? That’s where Lee Hammond comes in–she has been drawing flowers and teaching others how to draw them for years, and has become a beloved instructor to many students (via workshops and her instructional books and DVDs).


How to draw flower

Draw Flowers Confidently

That’s why I’m happy to share with you this free download on how to draw flowers. It features excerpts from two of Hammond’s popular books, Lifelike Drawing and Lifelike Drawing in Colored Pencil. It includes the following lessons on flower drawing (plus links for getting your copy of each book when you’re ready to learn even more):

• Draw a Lily Against a Dark Background
• Draw Water Droplets on Leaves
• Pink Daisy Demonstration
• Lily on Suede Board

Learn How to Draw a Flower in Easy Steps

You will love exploring the steps and trying your hand and flower drawing with this free guide.

Flower Drawing tips and guide