How to Draw Models: Life Drawing 101

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It is always refreshing, and a necessity for continued improvement, to return to the basics. The more often you return to the starting line, the more opportunities you create for yourself to practice the basics and allow your to pieces become more complex.

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Learn how to draw models with ease.

In this free download, How to Draw a Model: Life Drawing Tips for Beginners, professional artist and art professor at Laguna College of Art and Design, Sharon Allicotti, makes a compelling case as to why the regular practice of figure drawing will result in creating better art.

For artists who are formally trained, drawing models in figure drawing classes was a foundational part of art school. Learning how to draw a model will continue to make you a better artist, whether or not you’re formally trained.

Returning to figure drawing sessions with some degree of regularity, helps us maintain artistic discipline and practice, continually improve our drawing skills, and increases artistic muscle memory.

Sharon Allicotti also outlines several benefits to drawing live models.

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Download your free copy of How to Draw a Model: Life Drawing Tips for Beginners, for expert advice on how to use the practice of drawing models to continually grow as an artist.