How to Draw Landscapes

If you love to create art and are inspired by the lay of the land, then you’ll no doubt want to take it upon yourself to learn how to draw a landscape. From the Grand Canyon in the United States to the historic scenery of Europe, and everything beyond, our choices for landscapes to draw are endless. And you don’t have to live in a photographic paradise–tools such as reference photos, a viewfinder and the free landscape drawing lessons you’ll find within Simple Landscape Drawing Tips: Draw Trees, Cities and More will help you capture any scene you want to draw.

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Learn how to draw landscapes with this free download! In it, you’ll find informative articles from Drawing magazine–a brand you know and trust. Here’s a preview of what’s included:

Learn how to draw mountains with this free landscape drawing tutorial

Article 1: Drawing the Landscape by John Hulsey

John Husley teaches plein air painting and says that learning how to draw a landscape is a foundational step toward successful art. “With so much interest in plein air painting these days, it’s easy to overlook how important drawing skills can be to the landscape artist,” Husley says. “In our plein air workshops, we often encounter students who have reasonably good painting skills but lack skill in drawing. Many students want to get right into applying paint without first making a drawing of their subject. This makes as much sense as jumping in a car and entering a highway with no idea of where one is going and no idea of how to get there. While I sympathize with excitement and impatience, without considerable practice drawing the landscape, the student never learns how to see the landscape.”

Learn how to draw landscapes using the thumbnail technique with this free download.

Bonus landscape drawing lesson:

Husley offers a step-by-step demonstration. See how he uses thumbnail sketches and a viewfinder to determine the main subject, draw the landscape composition and proceed to paint it in the final steps.

Learn how to draw landscapes using the thumbnail technique with this free download.

Article 2: Capture a Sense of Place With On-Site Travel Sketches by Gerald F. Brommer

Next, discover urban sketching tips with Gerald F. Brommer. “Without sufficient time to create full-scale paintings on location during a recent trip to Europe,” he says, “I relied on graphite and ink sketches to capture the essence of the scenes we visited, adding watercolor washes once back in my studio.”

Learn how to draw trees, mountains and more.

Learn how to draw trees and landscapes with this free download.