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Hello everyone! Welcome to my new blog on the Artists Network. Starting in January, I will be here every Wednesday, bringing to you a glimpse of my life as a full time artist and art instructor. Here you’ll find valuable advice on art techniques, art supplies, and projects I am currently working on. You’ll learn some of my secrets regarding tools and techniques, and discover art supplies you should simply never live without! Each week I will select a student question I have been asked in my studio, (Hey, if they’re asking, others are too!) and I will answer it with easy to follow instructions. I will show examples, so you too, can see how I personally teach. This will become your “go-to” place to have many of your artistic questions cleared up!
See you soon!


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Lee Hammond

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I'm an author, artist, instructor, and police forensic illustrator. I have written for North Light Books for 20 years, with more than 30 titles published. I'm also a motivational write and speaker and I teach art workshops in Florida.