2012 All Media Art Competition Winners

Congratulations to The Artist’s Magazine‘s 2012 All Media Art Competition winners!

Zoey Frank won the grand prize for Song (below; oil, 72×36). Continue reading to view the first places and honorable mentions in the categories for Acrylic; Colored Pencil; Graphite, Charcoal and Ink; Mixed Media and Collage; Oil and Oil Pastel; Pastel; and Watercolor. Click on each image to see a larger version.

Want to see your work here? Click here to enter your best work in our All Media Art Competition; the Grand Prize winner appears in the July/August issue of The Artist’s Magazine.

figure painting, portrait painting, oil painting, Zoey Frank art
Song (oil, 72×36) by Zoey Frank. Read about Song in the July/August 2012 issue of The Artist’s Magazine, which features the painting and Frank’s story in The Artist’s Life column.

Watercolor First Place:

watercolor painting, Cathy Hegman art
Chaos of Commitment
(watercolor, 22×30) by Cathy Hegman, Holly Bluff, Mississippi

Watercolor Honorable Mentions:

portrait painting, watercolor painting, Laurie Goldstein-Warren art
Blues Guitar No. 2
(watercolor, 30×22) by Laurie Goldstein-Warren, Buckhannon, West Virginia

watercolor painting, Prafull Sawant art
Morning at Nasikghat
(watercolor, 21×29) by Prafull B. Sawant, Nasik, India

floral painting, watercolor painting, Alan Shuptrine art
(watercolor, 16×20) by Alan Shuptrine, Chattanooga, Tennessee


Pastel First Place:

pastel painting, Julie Freeman art
Southern Kelp
(pastel, 13×27) by Julie Freeman, Aukland, New Zealand

Pastel Honorable Mentions:

pastel painting, ballerina painting, Devdatta Padekar art
A Young Perfectionist II (diptych)
(pastel, 20×60) by Devdatta Padekar, Mumbai, India

pastel painting, landscape painting, pastel landscape painting, Margaret Larlham art
Rim Trail, San Diego Mission Trails
(pastel, 16×20) by Margaret Larlham, San Diego, California

pastel portrait painting, John Philbin Dolan art
(pastel, 14×12) by John Philbin Dolan, Northfield, Illinois


Acrylic First Place:

acrylic portrait painting, Stephanie Sherman art
Self Portrait in Green Tanktop
(acrylic, 24×36) by Stephanie Sherman, New Bedford, Massachusetts

Acrylic Honorable Mentions:

acrylic painting, Barbara Clark art
Eden Road #1
(acrylic, 24×36) by Barbara L. Clark, Vero Beach, Florida

acrylic painting, fish painting, Rhonda Anderson art
 (acrylic, 22½x17¾) by Rhonda Anderson, Santee, California

acrylic painting, landscape painting, acrylic landscape painting, Brian LaSaga art
Facing the Elements
(acrylic, 24×34) by Brian LaSaga, Newfoundland, Canada


Graphite, Charcoal and Ink First Place:

portrait drawing, male portrait drawing, Susan Wallace art
(graphite, charcoal and ink, 9×14) by Susan Wallace, Encino, California

Graphite, Charcoal and Ink Honorable Mentions:

still life drawing, flower drawing, Sandra Willard art
Breaking Free
(graphite, charcoal and ink, 12×24) by Sandra Willard, Springfield, Illinois

portrait drawing, Nigel Alexander DeFoe art
(graphite, charcoal and ink, 16×20) by Sahdir Ellis, Plainfield, New Jersey

zebra drawing, wildlife drawing, Diane Bazaldua art
A Hitchhiker!?
(graphite, charcoal and ink, 18×14) by Diane Bazaldua, San Antonio, Texas


Colored Pencil First Place:

portrait drawing, Tanja Gant art
Fluctuat Nec Mergitur
(colored pencil, 25×17) by Tanja Gant, Hurst, Texas
Tanja Gant Art on Facebook

Colored Pencil Honorable Mentions:

portrait drawing, colored pencil drawing, Carol Maltby art
The Seamstress
(colored pencil, 12×16¼) by Carol E. Maltby, Hamburg, New York

portrait drawing, colored pencil drawing, Carol Maltby art
(colored pencil, 10¼x15½) by Carol E. Maltby, Hamburg, New York

still life drawing, colored pencil drawing, Peng Cao art
(colored pencil, 18×24) by Peng Cao, Fremont, California
Peng Cao (Walan Wu) on Facebook


Mixed Media and Collage First Place:

portait drawing, mixed media art, Tansill Stough art
The Writer
(mixed media and collage, 16×20) by Tansill Stough, Little Rock, Arkansas

Mixed Media and Collage Honorable Mentions:

mixed media art, stained glass art, John Sollinger art
Old Growth (mosaic)
(stained glass mosaic, 16×20) by John (Solly) Sollinger, Ashland, Oregon

mixed media art, collage art, Carol Staub art
Black and White Series No.12
(mixed media and collage, 18×18) by Carol Staub, Port Saint Lucie, Florida

mixed media art, collage art, Jan Brown art
Dentist’s Dream
(mixed media and collage, 27×34) by Jan Brown, Novi, Michigan


Oil and Oil Pastels First Place:

figure painting, oil painting, Nick Alm art
Conversation by the Piano
(oil, 25½x17½) by Nick Alm, Eksjö, Sweden

Oil and Oil Pastels Honorable Mentions:

oil figure painting, Terry Strickland art
Ode to Melancholy
(oil, 24×36) by Terry Strickland, Pelham, Alabama

oil figure painting, ballerina painting, Devdatta Padekar art
Elegance on Rise
(oil and oil pastel, 44×54) by Devdatta Padekar, Mumbai, India

oil painting, boat painting, Xiao Song Jiang art
(oil, 30×40) by Xiao Song Jiang, Ontario, Canada


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