Beyond Realism with Abstract Painting


As any abstract artist will tell you, painting what you see doesn’t mean you have to paint it exactly as you see it! Instead, why not take inspiration from the landscapes around you, but turn them into beautiful abstract paintings? You can learn how to create a whole world of material that goes way beyond realism. Discover how with these abstract painting techniques from Brian Ryder.

In Beyond Realism  with Brian Ryder, Part 1, Brian demonstrates how to paint an abstract landscape painting step-by-step, starting with taking inspiration from reference photos and the experience of the landscape through a series of watercolor, acrylic and oil sketches. You’ll learn methods to establish the values, color, mood and composition of the scene and get to know the subject and loosen up your painting style as you go. Then, get the painting techniques he uses to create an abstract, poppy-filled landscape as he paints it from start to finish.

“I think abstract, at times, should be…dashing, vibrant,” says Brian Ryder. Preview Beyond Realism Part 1 now to learn how to use a cool underpainting to establish the shapes of your abstract painting, and then add in the complementary color inspired by the original landscape. Then, head over to for the materials list, reviews, and access to the full-length video.


  • Painting tips for painting wet-into-wet, wet-on-dry, and more
  • Learn to how to paint abstract paintings inspired by beautiful landscapes
  • Discover how to make bold decisions on color, from layering complements to framing the image
  • Step-by-step lesson on how to paint an abstract landscape of poppies from start to finish

Enjoy these free art lessons!

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