Artist of the Month: Drew Fagan

Drew Fagan, Flying Down to Rio

AT RIGHT: Flying Down to Rio (acrylic on linen, 36×30) by Drew Fagan

Flying Down to Rio was a finalist in The Artist’s Magazine‘s 26th Annual Art Competition, and is our June 2010 Artist of the Month.

Media and genres: I work primarily in Acrylic, occasionally in oil and in pourable plastic sculpting materials. My genres range from still life to figurative, old rusty trucks to costume pieces. Boredom is never an option.

Inspiration for Flying Down to Rio: I was working on paintings for a solo show on real and imagined old neon signs in and around Mendocino and Sonoma Counties where I live. This sign is on an old movie theater that I pass by on my way to San Francisco. I loved its simplicity and color. I added the raven for a touch of activity, and the title of the old Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers movie popped into my head.

The artist’s process:
I occasionally work from life, but mostly from my own photos and sketches, which I then manipulate to create the final composition. My color palette is rather limited and I prefer to mix colors rather than use a wide variety of “store bought.”

How he began creating art:
I firmly believe that art is born into us all. If you give a child a crayon and a piece of paper, he or she will immediately begin to draw. Even a stick and a patch of sand, or just little fingers will do. I simply never let the child in me get away. Art in all of its forms has been a passion of mine since as long as I can remember. I was a cartoonist in high school and college and have a degree in fine art from Stanford University. After I finished college, I used my art talent to wangle a job in advertising as an Art Director and then moved on to writing and producing, eventually becoming a Creative Director for a major international agency, and finally, owning my own creative service in Los Angeles. But through all that time, I continued to paint in a variety of styles and exhibited from time to time over the years.

Then in 2004, I decided I needed to turn my passion into the vocation I had always intended it to be. I sold my business and moved to the magnificent Northern California Coast where, although I don’t often paint landscapes, I am inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds me.

I am an Artist Member of the California Art Club and am represented currently by three galleries. I have 6 solo shows and numerous awards to my credit since the spring of 2005.

I am in my studio seven days a week, planning and painting, suffering and triumphing.

View a collection of Fagan’s work here.


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