Henry Dixon and Sy Ellens

To read about Henry Dixon and Sy Ellens, see the January 2005 issue of The Artist’s Magazine. Here are some pieces that didn’t appear with these articles.

Mrs. Maupin (watercolor, 16×24) By Henry Dixon

Way South (watercolor, 17×25) By Henry Dixon

Old Senor (watercolor, 12×16 1/2) By Henry Dixon

Afternoon Practice (watercolor, 16×20) By Henry Dixon

Yellow Tanktop (watercolor, 16×19) By Henry Dixon

Morning Colors (acrylic, 20×28) By Sy Ellens

Around the Hill (acrylic, 20×28) By Sy Ellens

Over Long Lake (acrylic, 64×42) By Sy Ellens

Great Day (acrylic, 48×72) By Sy Ellens

Resounding Earth (acrylic, 20×28) By Sy Ellens

With a lifelong passion for painting, David Drummond, a physicist, left his civilian employment with the Air Force in 1986 to paint full time. Living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Drummond is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society. In the last 14 years, he’s had 15 paintings featured in Arts for the Parks Top 100 show. In 2004 he received the show’s Landscape Award of Merit and a Bronze Medal.

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