Jen’s Picks: Art Instruction Value Packs

All you need in Art Instruction is just a click away! has just compiled all the best art instruction books and videos together by author and medium, so that now you can save even more money! Designed to give you everything you need in one place,’s Art Value Packs are like taking a complete art workshop from the comfort of your home. For your reference or everyday use, these Art Value Packs provide techniques, demonstrations, and plenty of inspiration to improve your drawings and paintings.





Follow Richard McKinley’s Pastel Pointers
for secrets to successful pastel paintings every time!





Create Luminous Watercolor Landscapes
using Sterling Edwards’ unique four-step process.





Paint Beautiful Portraits and Skintones
using Chris Saper’s secrets for color and light.





Start an Acrylic Revolution
using Nancy Reyner’s techniques for working with the world’s most versatile medium.



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