Silver and Gold | Acrylic Paintings By Jim Seitz

It took New Orleans artist Jim Seitz four months of trial and error to develop his method for successfully combining acrylic and metal leaf. His process begins with taping the outside of a gallery-wrapped canvas to create a crisp edge. He then applies Golden’s Light Molding Paste with a sheet-rock trowel, giving it just enough texture to cover the canvas. He prepares five or six canvases at a time, saving the task for moments when he doesn’t feel particularly creative.

Seitz does no preliminary sketching on the canvas. The only element he establishes immediately is the horizon line, which he usually places at the bottom of the composition to give the painting a more contemporary feel. Once that’s in place, he applies a wash of red oxide acrylic paint to the foreground and then brushes on Sepp Gilding Workshop’s water-based size for an adhesive. When this dries to the point of tackiness, he begins the meticulous process of applying the small, fragile squares of gold or silver leaf.

To learn more about Jim Seitz and his painting process and materials, see the article “Going for the Gold” in the newly released Fall 2014 issue of Acrylic Artist magazine available here. Enjoy these examples of the artist’s acrylic-and-metal-leaf landscape painting:


Cotton Candy (30×30, acrylic and silver leaf on canvas) by Jim Seitz



Rain Maker (acrylic and gold leaf on canvas) by Jim Seitz



Around the Bend (60×40, acrylic and silver leaf on canvas) by Jim Seitz






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