Striking Gold with Acrylic Artist Karen Hale

With a maverick spirit and layered approach, Karen Hale finds her niche in mixed-media landscapes. Hale is featured in the winter issue of Acrylic Artist. There you will learn how Hale takes inspiration from artists as divergent as Monet and Kandinsky and balances intent with spontaneity.

The winter issue of Acrylic Artist features 9 paintings by Hale, and here are 3 more for your viewing pleasure. Get the issue at and read the feature-length article that uncovers this artist’s specialized approach to painting.

Acrylic artist Karen Hale, Fractured Light

Acrylic artist Karen Hale, Fractured Light (acrylic, 26×14)

Acrylic artist Karen Hale Isla

Acrylic artist Karen Hale, Isla (acrylic, 18×18)

Still Water smaller dpi

acrylic artist Karen Hale Still Water

Acrylic artist Karen Hale – Still Water (acrylic, 48×18)


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