Still Life Splendor: Acrylic Paintings from Marike Kleynscheldt

Marike Kleynscheldt creates still lifes that present a window into her passions and curiosities. The highly refined works often include items of special significance, adding a additional layer of meaning to her paintings. The artist’s work is featured in Acrylic Artista special summer release from the editors of The Artist’s Magazine, Watercolor Artist, Pastel Journal, and Drawing. Here, we offer a gallery of acrylic paintings, in addition to the artist’s work presented in the magazine.

To see more artwork from Kleynscheldt, as well as work from a variety of other acrylic artists, get the special issue here.


GreenSparklesGreen Sparkles (acrylic) by Marike Kleynscheldt. 

SelfPortraitWithMarblesSelf Portrait With Marbles (acrylic) by Marike Kleynscheldt. 

VanitasVariationIVanitas Variation I (acrylic) by Marike Kleynscheldt. 

VanitasVariationIIVanitas Variation II (acrylic) by Marike Kleynscheldt. 

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