Rethinking Acrylic

Cutting-Edge Acrylic Techniques!
Rethinking Acrylic
Radical solutions for exploiting the world’s most versatile medium

by Patti Brady
In a hands-on, workshop style, Rethinking Acrylic demonstrates the staggering range of this oh-so-versatile medium, capable of delicate transparent washes, lively impasto surfaces, and radical multi-dimensional effects. Acrylics are compatible with a wide range of materials, allowing for a virtual explosion of mixed-media artworks. There are more mediums, gels and grounds available for acrylics than for any other painting medium, affording you inexhaustible opportunities for applying pouring, brushing, scraping, squirting, swishing, rolling, flinging, sanding and what-have-you.

The book opens as an everything-you-need-to-know guide to purchase, mix and work with acrylics successfully. From there, launch into chapter after chapter of possibilities as you explore acrylic with Patti and her contributing artists through exercises,  inspirational art and 18 step-by-step demonstrations. If you want to try something new, all you have to do is open this book and go for it!

Special Features
Check out all the ways you can revolutionize painting in acrylic

  • Watermedia Effects: Learn how to maximize washes, explore staining properties, achieve watercolor-like effects and more.
  • Creating Textures with Gels: Work with crackle paste, add acrylic to texture mediums, or mold 3-D shapes.
  • Subtractive Techniques: Try engraving and etching on acrylic, or even sanding on your acrylics.
  • Acrylic Skins: Peel off dried layers of paint and encorporate into a collage.
  • Acrylic Transfers: Transfer photos onto your acrylic with an ink-jet printer.
  • And so much more: Paint with metallics, use acrylic encaustic, practice pouring…

About Patti
Patti received her BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. Her paintings, prints and hand-painted books have been exhibited nationally. Patti is currently the Working Artist Program Director for GOLDEN Artist Colors, Inc., and has lectured and taught on the use of GOLDEN Acrylics at a number of universities and art schools around the globe.

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Click here to check out Patti-in-action, teaching some techniques from Rethinking Acrylic at one of her recent workshops.

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