By the Sea | Acrylic Seascape Paintings by Rick Bennett

Somewhere between representation and abstraction lie Rick Bennett’s acrylic paintings of the seas. Some say that water may be the single most difficult element to paint because of the combination of light, movement, color, and dissolving form—or lack of form. Bennett’s work is as much about aesthetics and metaphysics as it is about paint, formalist properties, and interactive properties of light and color in particular.

Each Bennett painting provides a neat, successful high-wire act between representation and abstraction, between movement and a Zen-like stillness, between the ocean as transcendent metaphor of birth and those luxurious pleasures we associate with sun and water on skin. Bennett is thus an acrylic painter and philosopher, painting the sea as color harmonies abstracted and portraying the sea as the mystical, mythological birthplace of life. Below are just a few of Bennett’s acrylic paintings. You can read a full-length article, and see more of his acrylic seascapes, in Acrylic Artist magazine, Spring 2015 issue. The magazine will be available at bookstores, newsstands and online at

Acrylic painting by Rick Bennett  at

Cerulean Sea (acrylic, 36×42) by Rick Bennett

Acrylic painting by Rick Bennett at

Shells (acrylic, 16×16) by Rick Bennett

Acrylic painting by Rick Bennett at

Dawn Series #4 (acrylic, 16×16) by Rick Bennett

Acrylic painting by Rick Bennet at

Coral Reef #8 (acrylic, 36×42) by Rick Bennett


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