Watercolor & Acrylic Lessons from Stephen Quiller

  • Learn how to paint acrylic on aquaboard
  • Lessons on brushwork and other acrylic and watercolor painting techniques
  • Color-mixing techniques

Stephen Quiller's Painting Workshop

Enter a Watermedia Wonderland!

“I love watermedia. I love that spiritual quality–the way that paint hits the paper when it’s wet, and it moves.” –Stephen Quiller

Stephen Quiller has a way with paint–whether in acrylic or watercolor, his landscape paintings are thoughtful and full of passion. Ever since he was a young boy, his dreams surrounded art and the landscape, and he has been able to join the two over the years to create not only his paintings, but a career that keeps him motivated and challenged.

Watch Stephen paint and you’ll find yourself drawn into that same passion for painting the landscape in watermedia–his whole body goes into his brushstrokes and laying wet paint on paper, glazing a subtle background mountain, using a bold stroke to define a rocky edge, drybrushing a sparkling stream.

You can watch and learn from Stephen as he does all this and more in his two new video tutorials from ArtistsNetwork.tvStephen Quiller’s Painting Workshop video series demonstrates how to paint a bold acrylic landscape and a moody watercolor mountain, acrylic painting tips for working on aquaboard, watercolor techniques for mixing the right color every time, working with opaque versus transparent, and more. You can find these videos here at NorthLightShop.com (as well as Stephen’s unique art supplies), or visit ArtistsNetwork.tv to stream them on your computer or iPad.

Preview Stephen Quiller’s Painting Workshop: Acrylic Landscapes here now for tips on working from life and sketches, follow a color-mixing exercise, learn how to underpaint on aquaboard, and more!

Learn more about Stephen Quiller’s Painting Workshop: Acrylic Landscapes now.


Preview Stephen Quiller’s Painting Workshop: Atmosphere & Light in Watercolor here now to learn how to mix your watercolor for granulating vs. smooth effects, how to paint wet-into-wet, and how to paint with expression.

Learn more about Stephen Quiller’s Painting Workshop: Atmosphere & Light in Watercolor here now.


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