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Letter from the editor:
Looking at Kent Lovelace’s distinctive landscapes, you can see how copper informs the way he handles paint. Copper is, of course, a metal that artists use for etching, and it was fortunate that Lovelace, who was having difficulty achieving the effects he wanted on canvas, had a stash of copper sheets in his print shop. “My technique is really that of a classic printmaker utilizing a monochromatic key image with color glazing,” he says. Lovelace taught himself how to paint on copper but, like the Clerk in The Canterbury Tales, “gladly would he learn and gladly teach,” so you can follow his process in “Finding Arcadia.”

How to match the surface to the style is the subject of “From the Ground Up,” wherein master pastelists Peter Seltzer, Sam Goodsell, Sydney McGinley, Tim Tepe and Paul Murray explain how they choose and prepare papers and boards. Max Ferguson’s hauntingly hyperrealist pictures start with a grisaille (“All Around the Town”). In contrast, Diana Horowitz goes right to the canvas and color—blocking in the shapes she sees from a high vantage (“The Height of Abstraction”). And, a master at making any surface interesting, Anne Bagby relates the story of her adventures with the vast array of products formulated for use with acrylics. With sequin waste tape, stamps, stencils and anything else she could get her hands on, Bagby pushed, coated, brushed, poured and spilled her way to glorious marks and exotic textures. See the results and read the explanations in “Mediums, Gels & Pastes, Oh My!”

We love working with the fabulous artists who gladly make comprehensible what they’ve learned the hard way, in fits and starts and over time. And we’re grateful to you, our ardent, curious readers who are glad to learn and glad to tell us what you think. You’re a major reason our work is a joy. —Maureen Bloomfield

Browse these bonus online articles from the September 2011 issue of The Artists Magazine.

Kent Lovelace: Finding Arcadia
Lovelace’s Color Choices for Glazing
View more landscapes painted in oil on copper by Lovelace

Max Ferguson: All Around the Town
See a step-by-step demonstration of Woman in Mirror by Max Ferguson.
See more of Max Ferguson’s art.
See The Goldsmith by Petrus Christus.

Anne Bagby: Mediums, Gels & Pastes, Oh My!
Check out Anne Bagby’s comments on all the acrylic mediums she tried.

Diana Horowitz: The Height of Abstraction
Tips, Influences and More Works
Find more painting advice from Horowitz, her 20th-century influences
Additional paintings that demonstrate atmospheric perspective.

The Artist’s Life
Read about Patricia Tobacco Forrester in a tribute from Maureen Bloomfield.

Brushing Up
Jane Jones puts principles of color intensity to work in this still life progression.

Find out more about the three directories mentioned in Katharine T. Carter’s article on networking.


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Competition Spotlight
See the portrait that inspired this abstract painting, which was a finalist in The Artist’s Magazine‘s 27th Annual Art Competition.
Winners of the 27th Annual Art Competition


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