2010 Ones to Watch Gallery

Watercolor Artist presents a gallery of additional art from this year’s “Ones to Watch,” as featured in the December 2010 issue of the magazine, as well as comments from the instructors and artists who nominated them.

Dorrie Rifkin
Dorrie Rifkin, Da Subway—168th Street (watercolor on paper)
Da Subway—168th Street (watercolor on paper)

“Dorrie Rifkin’s work is fresh and spontaneous and her sense of humor is frequently evident in her paintings. Her choices of subject matter are as refreshing as her bold, direct painting technique.” — John Salminen

Angela Chang
Angela Chang, Sunbrella II (watercolor on paper, 18x28)
Sunbrella II (watercolor on paper, 18×28)

“Angela Chang is a very consistent artist, and she builds up the work through the dedication of staying in a series. This recent series has a very personal content, and the lost and found images are both poetic and evocative.” — Katherine Chang Liu

Iain Stewart
Iain Stewart, Tracks No. 2 (watercolor on paper, 9x13)
Tracks No. 2, Opelika, Alabama (watercolor on paper, 9×13)

Thomas W. Schaller
Thomas W. Schaller, After the Storm—Venice Beach (watercolor on paper, 14x24)
After the Storm—Venice Beach (watercolor on paper, 14×24)

“Both Iain Stewart and Thomas Schaller are certainly ‘ones to watch,’ but neither are new to the art world or are rookies by any stretch of the imagination. They have merely escaped our view by hiding out in different circles. Both are architectural illustrators and are absolutely fabulous at their work. They both prefer to work in watercolor and each blew me away upon first stumbling across their work.
“I’ve had the honor to have both in workshops of mine, but each taught me as much as I taught them. I am proud to call both of these men my friends now, and eagerly await each new creation to come out of their studios.” — Paul Jackson

Robert Hsiung
Robert Hsiung, Downtown Crossing—4, Boston (watercolor on paper, 26x34)
Downtown Crossing—4, Boston (watercolor on paper, 26×34)

“Robert Hsiung’s approach to painting shows mastery of his craft and enables him to capture the mood and feeling of his subjects.” —John Salminen

Kris Parins
Kris Parins, I Saw the Light at 44th and Broadway (watercolor on paper, 14x21)
I Saw the Light at 44th and Broadway (watercolor on paper, 14×21)

Kris Preslan
Kris Preslan, Sidewalk Raphael
Sidewalk Raphael

“Both Kris Preslan and Kris Parins are very meticulous, dedicated artists—most willing to open themselves up to new ways to tame this tiger called transparent watercolor. It was a privilege to meet and share some painting time together. One of the best aspects of teaching discovering the talent of people such as the two ‘Krises.’ ” —Jean Grasdorf

Robin Poteet
Robin Poteet, Shadows of Avignon
Shadows of Avignon

“Robin Poteet’s skill as an illustrator gives her work the credibility that most often comes from a strong initial drawing.” —John Salminen

Helen Hayes
Helen Hayes, White Square (watercolor on YUPO)
White Square (watercolor on YUPO)

“Helen Hayes’ work is enhanced by the strong geometric element she adds to the more organic figures. These paintings, though visually dynamic, express a reflective and quiet interior in content.” — Katherine Chang Liu

Carol Ann Sherman
Carol Ann Sherman, Second Thoughts
Second Thoughts

“Carol Ann Sherman’s joyful paintings express a serious sense of play combined with a very thoughtful and informed sense of distortion. The use of expansive color and extended images, coupled with her unique style, give character to her subject and joy to the viewer. Her celebration of life and her caring spirit are both a part of her sensitive and engaging images.” —Taylor Ikin

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