Drawing Cover Countdown Recap: The Full Top Ten

We recently finished our list of Drawing magazine’s 10 greatest covers. Here, for your viewing enjoyment is the full list, plus one to grow on!

We started our list at #10, with this cover by Ian Ingram:

Drawing winter 2011

#9, by Wayne Thiebaud:

Drawing, fall 2003

#8, by Kerry Brooks:

Drawing fall 2011

#7, by Scott Waddell:


#6, the winners of our past cover competitions:

EP3675 EP3863 2006-DRAW-winter-cover DR_Spr12Cover 2007-DRAW-winter-cover 2008-DRAW-summer-cover

#5, by Thomas Hart Benton:

Drawing, winter 2005

#4, by Egon Schiele:


#3, by Vincent van Gogh:


#2, by Dirk Dzimirsky:

And #1, our favorite cover from Drawing’s first 10 years, by John Singer Sargent:


Finally, we want to throw one out for future consideration, the cover of our new fall 2013 issue, by one Mr. Edgar Degas:


You can buy or download the new issue here, and be sure to subscribe to Drawing if you haven’t already.

Thanks for sticking with us through this little tour through Drawing’s history and for your continued support of the magazine. We hope you have a happy start to your holiday season this week!

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