Breaking Through the Wall

DB1100I don’t know what it is about this time of year, but it never fails. I always seem to hit the wall creatively. Maybe it’s the oppressive cold. Maybe it’s the shorter days/longer nights. But I always seem to end up in a funk that affects my writing, my work…everything. So what’s one to do when something like this happens? I’ve found that going back to basics helps. If I find the root of what first made me excited about whatever it is I’m trying to do, that seems to help kickstart my creative process.

When it comes to drawing, revisiting the fundamentals has worked for me more than once. And a great source for that sort of refresher is a special issue we published a couple of years ago called Drawing: The Complete CourseIn it, we offer lessons in the basic forms that underlie most representational art such as cubes, cylinders, and spheres; essential tips from some of today’s most respected instructors; and a series of demonstrations that help illustrate some of the most important issues artists face when creating a drawing. I’m hesitant to tout anything as a miracle cure, but it’s the closest I’ve come when dealing with winter artistic blues.

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