Costa Vavagiakis: An Online Gallery

The winter 2014 issue of Drawing magazine features an in-depth demonstration by master figurative artist Costa Vavagiakis (, in which he demonstrates how to draw a portrait on toned paper using graphite and white chalk.

Here, we’re happy to present a small selection of Vavagiakis’ finished drawings, which display his amazing ability to imbue a sense of three-dimensional solidity into his figures, as well as a sense of genuine life.

Enjoy these marvelous drawings. And to read Vavagiakis’ drawing advice, be sure to purchase or download the winter issue of Drawing, or click here to subscribe.

Connie III
by Costa Vavagiakis, graphite, 24 x 20.

Rainbow VIII
by Costa Vavagiakis, graphite and white chalk on toned paper, 14 x 11.

Vania V
by Costa Vavagiakis, graphite, 29 x 23.

Yuko XIV
by Costa Vavagiakis, graphite, 18 x 14.

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