Drawing Magazine Cover Countdown: #3

This fall, Drawing magazine is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and to get the festivities started, the Drawing Magazine Blog is looking back at our 10 favorite covers. To see the full list so far, check out the entire Drawing Magazine Blog.


Only three covers to go, and our next selection brings us one of the world’s greatest and most unceasingly popular artists. Our fall 2005 cover featured one of the many marvelous and endearingly strange drawings of Vincent van Gogh:

Drawing, fall 2005

“When I first saw Van Gogh’s drawings, it was like seeing him and his work in a whole new light,” says Courtney Jordan, the editor of Artist Daily and the online editor for Drawing. “Every time I look at this Drawing cover, I’m reminded of how deep and wide our creative spirits are, and how many inspiring directions they can go if we let them.”

That, and “Lust for Line” has got to be one of the best headlines the magazine has ever put on its cover.

It’s not easy to beat Vincent, but we have two artists who rank higher. Check back soon to see who they are, and if you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to Drawing in advance of our forthcoming 10th anniversary issue!

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